Republican Women host Annual BBQ with guest speaker

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – The South Lake Tahoe Republican Women hosted its Annual BBQ on August 12 featuring guest speaker William McGinnis who wrote, “Slay the Dragon”.

McGinnis spoke about the very real threat all sectors of American society and American security faces from the Chinese Communist Party and their relentless efforts to dominate world politics and become the pre-eminent military power in the world. The case he made is not anti-Chinese but rather the reality we face from a strong, determined, and intelligent adversary.

McGinnis points out that the CCP and Chinese government take the long view of dominance. They infiltrate all sectors of American society to pursue their plan for dominance. While they oppress many people in their own Country (like the Uighurs) they also are involved in fentanyl sourcing to Mexican cartels that bring the dangerous drugs across our unsecured and porous southern border.

According to McGinnis, they are involved through grants etc. in influencing our colleges, universities and politicians through donations, payments and even bribes to support their cause. They try to purchase our politicians and buy favors from those individuals inside our business and hi-tech sector. They and their surrogate companies are purchasing large sectors of lands near American military bases for their own purposes.

He also talked about how they are wise tacticians that pose a clear and present danger to American security and U.S. influence in the world. Americans need to wake up to the threat. They operate through TikTok and other media to spread propaganda to our youth and influence them to be favorable to their policies. They oppress their people in a highly regulated, monitored, and oppressive manner and want to influence us and other gullible countries to do the same to serve their purposes. As Americans, his advice is that we must be vigilant.

The author was interesting, and his message was alarming to those of us who care about America and our future.

The South Lake Tahoe Republican Women meets most months on the second Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Some of our core beliefs are: Fiscal Responsibility, Secure Boarders, Legal Immigration, Less Government, Lower Taxes, Keep America Safe. For more information, please email us

Source: South Lake Tahoe Republican Women

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