Resident’s pictures bring out ghouls |

Resident’s pictures bring out ghouls

by Tim Bowman, Tribune editorial assistant

As Halloween draws near, curious minds are tuned to the world of the supernatural.

Many joining in on the holiday festivities regard the ghostly aspects of the holiday as myth and good fun, many quietly wonder if there is any truth in ghosts.

Tahoe resident Shanan Roberts claims she has definitive proof of the answer. Roberts has the ability to capture photographic images of spirits. What makes this mystery more intriguing is that Roberts does not see the ghosts while she is taking the pictures.

“The truth is I really don’t know when I am going to get a good shot,” Roberts said. “I’ll just go down to a place where I feel there might be a presence and start photographing. I usually end up with 72 or so shots, and out of those, in a decent location, I’ll probably get five workable images.”

Roberts, a native of the Los Angeles area, worked in the entertainment industry as a singer, music producer, and television and movie production.

“What would make a singer give up a successful recording career, but ghosts,” Roberts said. “I had a recording studio called Bay West producing records and I was the main act.”

While on a business trip to Northern California in 1991, Roberts captured her first proof of life after death.

“While on promotion with my album in Sacramento I went to my family plot and got a picture of my aunt who had been dead for 20 years,” Roberts said. “I knew what I had because I had a big interest in the afterlife, so I wasn’t surprised I could take a picture of it.”

Roberts could never imagine the eerie specters that would begin appearing in her photographs.

“I take pictures of people’s deceased pets,” Roberts said. “My dead pet was the first.”

Roberts’ contact with the supernatural took a bizarre twist early this year when she discovered that ghosts can actually appear when photographed on other technological mediums.

“The TV pictures started in January when I saw David Strictland (deceased),” Roberts said. “His face appeared across Brooke Sheilds’ face.”

Roberts guesses that the key to her ability to capture images of spirits is in her her own spiritual make up.

“They (ghosts) obviously tune into my energy vibrations and they draw from it and that is how they form,” Roberts explained. “Anything that has ever lived on this planet, their energy remains and I can zoom in on it with my camera.”

Roberts moved to Tahoe with the intention of writing stories and a screen play about her ghostly experiences. For information call Roberts at 541-4274 or log on at

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