Responsibilities of vacation rentals |

Responsibilities of vacation rentals

Tribune staff report

According to the El Dorado County Treasurer and Tax Collector Office, before buying a vacation home rental in the unincorporated area of El Dorado County, investors should carefully consider the responsibilities of the new venture.

One of these responsibilities requires owner(s) or their local contact person to be on-call 24 hours a day when the house is rented.

The owner or the agent must be able to arrive on site within one hour to manage tenants during all types of weather including snow conditions.

While not expected to put themselves in harms’ way, the owner or their agent is expected to manage any situation and take actions up to and including calling the Sheriffs’ Department and evicting tenants.

El Dorado County has a vacation home rental ordinance that addresses bear-resistant garbage containers, tenant parking, noise and occupancy.

An owner or their agent is required to provide tenants written instructions regarding the disposition of garbage, where to park during snow conditions and how many overnight occupants are allowed. In addition, owners are required to have a signed rental agreement enumerating various requirements including occupancy.

South Lake Tahoe residents are encouraged to call the Tax Collector’s Office at (530) 621-5800 to report possible unpermitted vacation home rentals. The Tax Collector’s Office will notify the owners of the house and assist them in either in obtaining a permit or work with the District Attorney’s Office, should the unlawful condition persist.

When a vacation home is permitted, the Tax Collector’s Office encourages neighbors to obtain the phone number of the local contact person so that they can report any inappropriate noise at the first hint of a disturbance.

If the local contact is ineffective for any reason, neighbors are encouraged to call the Sheriffs’ Department at (530) 573-3300.

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