Revel Rancharrah uses new technology to improve the lives of their residents

By Valerie Costa
Sponsored by Revel Rancharrah
Revel Rancharrah is a vibrant independent living community in Reno that provides best-in-class amenities and services to its residents. (photo courtesy of Revel Rancharrah)
Revel Rancharrah is a vibrant independent living community in Reno that provides best-in-class amenities and services to its residents. (photo courtesy of Revel Rancharrah)

As part of their ongoing efforts to continuously improve the experience for residents, Revel Rancharrah recently unveiled new technology to make life more convenient and to bring residents, and their families, closer together.

One of the exciting technological features at the community is Caspar.AI, which is a smart home automation program that allows residents to operate their blinds, temperature, and just about everything else in their apartments using voice commands. “We wanted to offer technology that allows our residents to take more control over their lives,” explained Mark Schulz, Executive Director at Revel Rancharrah. “We are always trying to push the envelope to make a better senior living experience, and our residents expect technology now more than ever.”

Another exciting new piece of technology was recently installed in the wellness room at Revel Rancharrah. The Mirror Fitness Display streams live and on-demand workouts in a sleek, interactive display that allows residents to see themselves and an instructor. Residents can do yoga, stretching, meditation and a variety of other classes, streamed from the Mirror studio in New York City. The Mirror has been a great option for residents to do a solo workout class, in addition to the many group classes they participate in at the community.

What Schulz is most excited about, however, is the rollout of Cubigo, an integrated resident engagement platform for senior living with a simple, pleasing aesthetic. Revel residents have access to Cubigo on their personal devices, where they can see community-related content including news about upcoming events, restaurant and bar specials, and performances. The platform can also inform the residents of routine maintenance and other community updates. 

Cubigo has energized the events calendar because residents can look at all activities, read their descriptions, and then RSVP or cancel online. A photo directory is being added soon, so when a resident meets a new person, they can find them by scrolling through the directory and finding their corresponding picture. “Cubigo allows our residents to connect in a way that wasn’t possible when we relied on printed calendars and newsletters. This is real-time information about the community literally at their fingertips,” Schulz said. “Our residents have been so excited to try Cubigo, embrace new technology, and continue to learn new things that make communication easier and more enjoyable.”

Out of 125 residents at Revel Rancharrah, there are already 92 using the system, which was rolled out on June 15.  “The pandemic made it clear how important communication is within the community, and for our residents’ friends and family outside of the community,” Schulz said.  “Staying connected to fellow residents and family is paramount for life satisfaction. This system helps that process exponentially.”

Mark Schulz leading a Cubigo class at Revel Rancharrah. (photo courtesy of Revel Rancharrah)
Mark Schulz leading a Cubigo class at Revel Rancharrah. (photo courtesy of Revel Rancharrah)

Cubigo also includes a feature that allows residents to order food online and have it delivered to their apartments, or make and modify reservations at the restaurant and pub. This frees up the restaurant team members’ time coordinating orders and reservations and allows them to spend more time making sure residents receive the excellent service they expect. Residents can also make transportation requests through the app, as well as give compliments or feedback to Revel team members. 

There is also a chat function, so when residents make requests, whether it’s a dining reservation, tech request, or any other related question, the team members and residents can chat back and forth. They can also have chats amongst themselves, even extending an invite to other residents to dinner or a fitness class. The community offers tech and Cubigo classes every week, as well as IT support. “If you expect your residents to use technology, you have to be invested in teaching them how to use it. If they need help with TV or internet or desktops, they can request that, as well,” Schulz explained.

Because it is a new feature, the community is just scratching the surface with family interaction on Cubigo. If given permission, family members can also use the platform and check in to see how their loved one is doing and what activities they participate in, which means a lot to the children and other relatives of residents. “We strive to give our residents the very best senior living experience, every day in every way,” Schulz said. “Technology that is helpful and easy to use is just one of the ways we make sure that our residents thrive here.”

To learn more about Revel Rancharrah, call 775-242-6752 or visit

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