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Ribaudo: My view — Notes from the front row

Local Musings

It appears the states of California and Nevada have made peace over who was going to pull out of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency first. As you may recall, Nevada had passed SB 271, which was enacted to force the completion of the TRPA Regional Plan update as well as change the voting structure and, if not completed, set out a timeline and steps to leave the Bi-state Compact. Not to be outdone, the state of California passed SB 630, which was designed to force Nevada to repeal SB271 or they would leave the compact before the state of Nevada did. It appears the issue was settled. Govs. Jerry Brown and Brian Sandoval met in Sacramento and worked out a solution and now the two legislatures are backing away from their positions. Several things have become obvious through this little dance. Nevada and California have two different views of how to manage Lake Tahoe. Nevada has a more progressive view on using the triple bottom line of balancing the environment, the community and the economy. California, on the other hand, has a view rooted in the past. SB630 contained nothing but the failed policies of the past and would been draconian and ineffective. The real winner is the triple bottom line because, as part of the agreement, TRPA will have to consider the impact of the economy on their policies, which will in turn positively impact the local community. Somewhere John Singlaub, who brought forward the concept of the triple bottom line, must be smiling.

It appears the city of South Lake Tahoe is becoming the driving force in recognizing the importance of recreation to the local economy. The city is partnering with El Dorado County and working with Douglas County in developing a recreation plan for the South Shore. It’s a great example of how the city is shifting from letting this happen to making things happen — it’s a big difference. Now they need to bring that proactive approach get in front of other issues including the loop road, the TRPA, etc,. to shape the outcome they want.

To their credit the city has held strong with regard to paid parking. They have met stiff opposition from a part of the community but seem to be taking a bigger view of the issue. Will it work? I am not sure, but what I do like is, like SnowGlobe, the city is will to try it. If it does not meet their objective, they can always remove parking meters if it does work well then it works, but at least they are willing to try it. This community needs to try things, experiment with different policies and see what works, too often locals want perfection in policy development when in reality it is much more fluid process, more like ready, fire, aim. If it does not work adjust.

The Big Picture

If there is ever a week that the actions of the federal government feeds the notion they are not to be trusted, this was it. No transparency on Benghazi, the justice department seizing Associated Press phone records, the IRS targeting conservative groups and now the Department of Justice targeting reporters. Of all these it will be the IRS issue that could cause the most trouble for the administration it will be interesting to see how these issues play out. Not a good week at all.

Good on ya Sacramento for keeping the Kings! I honestly thought the team was going to be moving to Seattle. But the mayor mobilized the community and key money people and was successfully able to keep Sacramento’s only major professionals sports team.


If you are hungry and you’re driving through Carson City on the way to Reno, many times you just keep on driving. You might want to check out the High Sierra Brewing Co., a fun feel with good food and lots of handcrafted beer. It’s also great after a round of golf or an afternoon of trap shooting.

It’s a wrap

It’s always easier to steer a moving car, my father used to tell me. Isn’t that the truth. This community needs to keep moving we can adjust as we move forward, but we need to keep moving. You can’t steer a car sitting in the driveway.

— Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He is also a consultant, speaker and writer who lives in South Shore. He can be reached at carl@smgonline.net.

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