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Ribaudo responds: League is still disingenuous

Rochelle Nason can say or write what she wants, but it’s hard to ignore a 30-year track record. This is the same organization that tried to obstruct a community park. Just several months ago at the Tahoe Conservancy Board meeting to approve Van Sickle Park, a League representative stood up said they were for Van Sickle Park but then proceed to run off a laundry list of issues, this on the final day of voting. Luckily the Conservancy board voted unanimously to approve the park. I mean really we are talking about the Conservancy and a community park not a big time developer and a 10-story project. But this is standard practice for the League: waiting to the last possible moment saying they are “for something, but…” with the ultimate goal of obstruction. If the League were really for something like a community park, why would they do this at the last minute the day of the vote, when there was ample time in the planning process to give input? Trouble is they have long track record of talking out of both sides of their mouth: one side for fundraising and the other side for locals, hence their continual hypocrisy. If the League is really concerned, I would invite their board president, Robert Damaschino, to meet and discuss how the League policy of environment at the expense of the local economy and community is damaging to all including the goals of his organization. The League has become part of the problem not part of the solution and its time for new leadership at the League

As I wrote before the League is disingenuous at best.

Carl Ribaudo is a contributing columnist to the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

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