Rich Aquariums & Pet Supply offers fish for aquariums of any scale |

Rich Aquariums & Pet Supply offers fish for aquariums of any scale

Josh Sweigert
Josh Sweigert

There’s something fishy in South Lake Tahoe, and it has nothing to do with invasive lake species.

Five-year resident Tyson Rich recently opened Rich Aquariums & Pet Supply, a full-service aquatic pet shop located at 3097 Harrison Ave., next door to Taqueria Jalisco.

After just a month in business, Rich is more than pleased with the volume of business he’s had.

“Business is great, really good,” he said, watching a prized black tang meander behind the glass of a 120-gallon tank. “We’ve had about 1,000 transactions so far, more than 2,000 people in the shop.”

Rich opened the store after years of frustration at the lack of aquatic pet supply retailers in town, he said. Now in business, he said he provides crucial products and service for aquarium enthusiasts from far and wide.

“We’ve got customers from Reno, San Francisco, Concord,” Rich said. “We have the biggest coral fish selection in a 180-mile radius and the biggest selection of discus in California.”

Rich Aquariums & Pet Supply offers a full range of aquarium products from simple glass bowls to massive custom-tank setups. Rich also makes himself available for house calls on Mondays, the only day that the store is closed. While largely focused on aquatic pets, he plans to expand his range of products in the coming months.

“I’m building up, bringing in more supplies,” he said. “In the summer we’ll start to stock more reptile and terrarium supplies.”

For now, two Columbian red tail boas grace a large terrarium immediately to the right of the store entrance. Their weekly rat feedings routinely draw double-digit crowds, Rich said.

Rich said he also intends to gradually add other generic pet supplies, such as cat and dog food, to cater to a wider range of animal enthusiasts.

South Lake Tahoe resident and customer Eric Toner stood by Thursday while Rich analyzed water from his home tank.

“He’s testing my water now,” Toner said. “He’s great, any questions I have, he can answer. I’ve probably been in here what, 30, 40 times so far?”

“He doesn’t let you get ahead of yourself,” Toner said. “If you’re asking about something too big for you, he’ll tell you.”

It’s that awareness that Rich said gives customers a reason to return.

“It’s not about breaking the bank,” he said. “It’s about helping people be successful in their hobby.”

Rich Aquariums & Pet Supply is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

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