Rob Galloway: Sam Cooke’s words are never more evident; change is coming to Tahoe’s South Shore (opinion) |

Rob Galloway: Sam Cooke’s words are never more evident; change is coming to Tahoe’s South Shore (opinion)

It has been about two and a half months since I joined on as the Tahoe Daily Tribune publisher. Most of that time has been spent digging into the operation of the business and learning what I could from the team here at the Tribune, as well as folks in the community.

What did I gather from that time? There’s opportunity.

There’s opportunity for us to be better business partners. There’s opportunity for us to better engage our readers. There’s opportunity for us to be a larger part of the community. However, this doesn’t mean it will come easy.

I received a message from a reader last week asking if we could bring back the Tribune of 15 years ago. While I would love to be able to reach back into the good old days of a community newspaper, the fact is, it doesn’t exist. Everything is different than it was 15 years ago — and in many cases, harder.

Remember when you were able to leave your shoes on before getting on a plane? Air travel has changed.

If you know a business owner, ask them how hard it is to try and reach their customers nowadays. Consumer behaviors have changed.

It’s really hard not to find an aspect of life that hasn’t changed. For news media and us here at the Tribune, it’s the reader habits that have changed.

No longer is the printed version of the news the main way to access news about Tahoe. Although many readers still want a physical paper they can hold and read, they also want to be able to access the news at any time, and on their digital device of choice.

The point is we are all creatures of habit. When change occurs, it sometimes scares us because it disrupts our day-to-day life. Look at the Loop Road. Good or bad, it would be a change.

For us here at the Tribune, we are not immune to change. As we move forward, some things will change. Some things probably need to change. I’m not certain what all of them are yet, but I know in order to get close to what we were 15 years ago, we need to look at the opportunities and where we can make the most impact.

As readers, I would encourage you to reach out. Give this community a bigger voice. Give it more life. Let’s talk about bringing things to light that progress us forward. Let’s point out the things that are important and have meaningful discussions. Let’s do this together.

As I watched the Tahoe Daily Tribune sign come down from the facade of the building last week, I realized this was as good a time as any to discuss change. The building will no longer be the sole home of the Tribune, but a soon-to-be bustling epicenter of activity for multiple businesses that encompass the Tahoe Mountain Lab.

Quite frankly, I’m excited to be a part of this change. Change is, after all, inevitable. As singer Sam Cooke also notes, it’s gonna come. I hope you all can get excited and come along with me.

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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