Rowdy ‘rafting-up’ boaters face restrictions on Tahoe |

Rowdy ‘rafting-up’ boaters face restrictions on Tahoe

Boats are tied to buoys in Crystal Bay. (Emma Garrard / North Lake Tahoe Bonanza)

CARSON CITY (AP) – Boaters who have been “rafting-up,” tying anchored boats together, and partying in popular mooring areas on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe will have to find someplace else to gather, the state Wildlife Department says.

The agency said Friday that a new regulation unanimously approved by the state Wildlife Commission prohibits the raft-ups off Round Hill Pines Beach in Marla Bay, in Glenbrook Bay and in the Zephyr Cove Marina area, all in Douglas County.

“Its a safety issue,” said Fred Messmann, boating law administrator for NDOW. “When you have too many boats anchored and rafted together within the mooring fields, it makes it very difficult to navigate through them safely. Safety has always been the No. 1 priority for Nevada’s game wardens.”

While the Wildlife Commission’s response was primarily based on safety concerns, Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini said there also had been complaints of excessive noise, public nudity, drugs and public intoxication in the mooring areas.

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