Salmon special any way you fix them |

Salmon special any way you fix them

Friday Pescado

Smoke them. Broil them. Steam them. Grill them. Bake them.

Almost any way you prepare them, salmon are one of America’s favorite fish entrees.

Noted for their mild taste, the Pacific salmon is prized for its sweet flesh that even fussy eaters who shy away from other fish often enjoy.

But that doesn’t mean Tahoe residents should scoop up one of the kokanee salmon that have begun their spawning run at Taylor Creek.

Pacific salmon undergo profound physiological changes as they prepare to spawn. They stop feeding, and gradually absorb their fat, muscle and most of their organs. The salmon also lose their protective layer of slime, which makes them vulnerable to skin infections that spread and eventually kills them.

Not only should humans avoid spawning salmon, but dogs should be prevented from scavenging on dead or dying salmon.

Having said that, there is practically no way to prepare a healthy salmon that won’t tantalize the most jaded palate. Following is a selection of salmon recipes that show off the salmon’s versatility and downright good taste.

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