Say what you choose |

Say what you choose

Cory Fisher

I can.

I am.

I will.

I choose

I have.

I love.

I create.

I enjoy.

These are words that help you to move towards what you choose in life say South Tahoe residents Tonya Elliott and Barrie Lindsay. Language has the power to shape your future.

“All of our thoughts, words and feelings create our own current reality,” said Lindsay. “There are also what we call ‘recycled thoughts’ – ones you tell yourself day after day that limit you, like, ‘I’ve never been good at …’ or ‘She’s going to leave me …'”

After being introduced to this concept at a seminar hosted by an organization called Mastery Systems, Lindsay and Elliott say it has transformed their lives. Now they’re devoting their lives to sharing it with others.

“After the first day of attending Mastery I quit my $50,000 a year job of 20 years,” said Lindsay, who used to work for South Tahoe Public Utilities District. “The whole reason I’m teaching this is because it’s been so profoundly healing for me.”

Lindsay and Elliott have now teamed up to form Divine Enterprises – and have become certified Language of Mastery instructors and “outcome facilitators.”

“If you focus on process, you get process, if you focus on outcome, you get outcome,” said Elliott. “Always keep your highest choice in the front of your mind – rather than saying ‘I want this,’ say ‘I choose this.’ Even with something like quitting smoking, think in terms of choosing to be a clean air breather. You’re reminded that do you have a choice.”

Elliott says the biggest change in her life has been her relationship with her two children.

“I changed my language patterns and began speaking with love and respect,” she said. “The children intuitively felt what I was doing and are mirroring it back. It’s gone from reaction to harmony. Kids accept your belief system – if you emphasize positive language patterns, that’s how they’ll see the world.”

Elliott and Lindsay will be discussing Language of Mastery at the El Dorado County Library on Sept. 3 and Sept. 10, both at 6 p.m. Donations will be accepted. A two-day training will be on Sept. 13 and 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. For details, location and information regarding other upcoming events in Reno, call 543-1355.

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