School bus passes increase in price |

School bus passes increase in price

School bus passes are available for purchase at Lake Tahoe Unified School District, although not at the same price as last year.

Fuel costs have been the driving factor behind rate increases, but 10 percent discounts are available until Aug. 26. Costs are divided into daily round-trip passes for an entire school year or semester, while passes are available for individual students or two or more pupils. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches also receive a discount on bus passes.

For example, a daily round-trip pass good for a year costs $135 for one student before Aug. 26, when the price increases to $150. Last year the discounted price was $112 before rising to $125.

The fee increases were approved at a March school board meeting. Special education students may be eligible for free transportation.

Bus prices are still cheaper than in most other districts in the county, according to information provided by the district. Last school year 62 percent of the district’s students rode the bus. On average 4,950 kindergarten to high school seniors are transported on district buses daily. Eighty-seven special education students are transported. There were 1,100 bus stops last school year.

Anyone with questions regarding district transportation can call (530) 543-2218. Transportation applications can be found at