Search on for school principals |

Search on for school principals

William Ferchland

With two high school principals at the South Shore planning to retire after this school year, wheels are in motion to find their successors.

Applications for a community interview panel for Marcia Kaster’s replacement at South Tahoe High School are being accepted through March 17 by Lake Tahoe Unified School District. The community panel, consisting of one person selected by each of the five board members, should be interviewing applicants in mid-May.

The principal search will likely be discussed at the district’s board meeting Tuesday, said Human Resource Director Beth Delacour.

Douglas County School District has been receiving applications to replace Janie Gray at Whittell High School since Nov. 23.

Carol Lark, who was hired as superintendent last month and is planning to assume her duties in summer, will participate in interviewing final applicants, possibly in April. In the meantime she plans to make a visit to Whittell to get a grasp on the needs of the school.

Lark wants a team player, a person who works well with students and understands curriculum.

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“You need to have somebody who is a leader and can develop a sense of vision and mission,” she said.

One person interested in the job is Dan Wold, principal of Kingsbury Middle School. Wold has experience in both middle and high school levels, which could be a benefit if the district’s board of trustees vote to consolidate grade levels when a school, either Zephyr Cove Elementary or Kingsbury Middle School, is closed. One configuration is kindergarten to sixth grade at one site and seventh to high school seniors at another site.

A discussion, and possible decision, on the grade configuration is scheduled Tuesday at Kingsbury Middle School’s library.

Wold lives at the lake and attends district functions like sporting events. He was even spotted at a spaghetti feed at Zephyr Cove Elementary a few weeks back.

“I would like to stay at the lake,” he said.

Parent Kelly Gardner – who has two children at Whittell and two at Zephyr Cove elementary – wants a principal dedicated to the lake community and willing to work with all levels of people at Whittell.

“I want a person who has a vested interest and cares,” she said.