Seniors keep an eye out for discounts |

Seniors keep an eye out for discounts

Who says you can’t grow old gracefully, and with a few special privileges to boot?

There are quite a few discounts available to senior citizens in the area, from cheaper lift tickets to lower rates on tires. But you have to put in years before you can cash in on the rewards.

And while according to some folks, seniors are least likely to really need a discount, after paying taxes for some 40 years, most feel they deserve one.

“I don’t want any more than I’m entitled to,” said Ruth Hollinger, a member of the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center. “But everything starts adding up. I take medication for my allergies and for my heart. And I can’t get out and work in my yard now, so I have to hire someone to keep it up. Every penny counts these days, and I have no problem getting my discount if it’s offered.”

According to Scott Pekar, manager of Sizzler in South Lake Tahoe, seniors receive a 15 percent discount every time they dine.

“It’s real popular with the seniors,” Pekar said. “It’s a corporate decision to give discounts, and it’s been a pretty good program for us.”

And for those seniors who would rather eat at Sizzler while vacationing in, say, Hawaii or Las Vegas, there are also discounted travel opportunities for people over 55 years of age. (Airlines vary in their age requirements, but most require a person to be at least 62 or 65 in order to get the general 10 percent senior discount.)

Edelweiss Travel is just one of the agencies offering discounts on airfare and more. Edelweiss gives seniors a 10 percent discount on cruise packages and hotels. There are also discounts on ticket books as well as refundable tickets, a benefit reserved only for senior citizens.

“Some discounts are built-in, so they’re more than 10 percent,” said Jeanne Hart of Edelweiss Travel. “It’s a great deal for seniors who are traveling. They should always come in and ask about our senior rates.”

Grocery and drug stores also give seniors a little break. For example, Safeway stores offer seniors $2.50 off on all prescription drugs, and Rite-Aid honors senior discounts every Tuesday, allowing seniors 20 percent off all Rite-Aid brand products and 10 percent off Rite Aid Vitamins.

According to Gary Hart, recreation supervisor at the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center, it really isn’t necessary for senior citizens to hold any special sort of “senior card” in order to claim their discounts. Instead, some businesses require a driver’s license as proof of age.

Getting carded at age 60? Now that’s growing old gracefully.

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