Shop owner refuses to give in to robber’s demands |

Shop owner refuses to give in to robber’s demands

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

By William Ferchland

Tribune staff writer

Ed Givant wasn’t going to stand for it.

The owner of Stop N Save Gas Liquor Market was working at the counter when a man entered the store Friday morning and demanded money. He mimicked having a gun but his hand was stuffed inside his jacket pocket, Givant said.

“I knew from reading the paper in the past and knew what I was going to do (if I were robbed),” he said.

Givant said the man had a Spanish accent so he asked the would-be robber to repeat his statement. While doing so, Givant picked up the phone, dialed 911 and placed the phone on the counter for the dispatcher to hear.

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“I don’t care,” Givant said. “I’m the type who will not comply. I will fight back. If I get shot, I get shot. I’m tired of being pushed around.”

Givant said he was robbed 25 years ago while working at a coin store in Tarzana. A gun was pointed at his head. He gave the robber the money.

“If you have a gun and showed it to me, I would have complied but followed you out with my own gun,” he said.

Givant saw the suspect get into a car with a waiting driver. He jotted down the license plate number. Three hours after the robbery police arrested 22-year-old Moises Navarro. Navarro was charged with one count of attempted robbery.

The driver was not charged with a crime.

“His buddy claimed he was just driving,” said El Dorado County Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe.

Since early November, the Road Runner Gas & Liquor in Meyers, Subway sandwich shop and Swiss Mart and American Oil gas stations have been robbed. In most of those robberies a gun has been displayed. Police have told clerks to comply with a robber’s demands.

“Money is not worth getting hurt,” said police Sgt. Alex Schumacher. “That clerk made his own decisions and didn’t give him the money and it worked out in this case.”

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