Smokers’ support group helps kick habit |

Smokers’ support group helps kick habit


How many times have you tried to stop smoking? Or actually quit for a period of time then started again? Wouldn’t it be great if there were an ongoing support group to help? With regular meetings with smokers like yourself?

Well, it’s happening here at the South Shore. Weekly meetings of Nicotine Anonymous are now being held from noon to 1 p.m. every Monday at 1053 Wildwood Ave., the First Baptist Church, just a block off Lake Tahoe Boulevard near McDonald’s.

This member-led and member-supported group uses the 12-step model to help participants become nicotine-free. Smoking is more than just a bad habit, it is a powerful addiction to a drug called nicotine. It can be very difficult to quit on your own. Doing it with the help of others makes it much easier. Attending support meetings and sharing with other smokers and ex-smokers creates hope and helps overcome feelings of isolation that come with trying to quit. With the group approach you have partners, all of you confronting the same challenge together.

Smokers are not born addicted to nicotine, it is an acquired habit. Stopping involves a major behavior change, a re-learning process to become a non-smoker again. There is no magic way to stop smoking, no painless method to get through the initial discomfort. The desire to smoke is not going to spontaneously disappear. The use of certain medications and nicotine patches, gum and throat spay can help ease the physical craving, but quitting will always require a sustained effort. And it must be a priority, not something to fit into your schedule when it’s convenient. The best results are achieved using a structured program and the support of other smokers and non-smokers.

Nicotine craving is a big part of trying to quit. Nicotine Anonymous principles and methods don’t try to trick you into believing you don’t want to smoke. Rather, you work within the desire and craving and eventually it loses its power. How much you smoke and how long you’ve been smoking are not predictors of how successful you’ll be in stopping smoking. You don’t event have to have a strong desire to quit at first. Just being interested in stopping for heath reasons can be enough to get started. The strong desire to quit can come as a result of participating in the program.

For more information call James at (530) 318-0723 or Miles at (530) 544-5560.s

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