SnowGlobe preview: Justin Martin |

SnowGlobe preview: Justin Martin

San Francisco’s Justin Martin is happy to be in a familiar time zone. The dirtybird records DJ just returned from a three-week tour of Australia and Asia. The SnowGlobe Music Festival performer caught up with Lake Tahoe Action on Tuesday, following a day-long recalibration of his internal clock.

Q — How would you describe your music to a new listener?

A — I just try to keep it as fun and unique as I can. The best way to describe it is….I try to play music that blurs the line between genres, so I can’t really give an exact description of it. I’ll play everything from breaks to deep house to techno to drum and bass all within the same set. I just have a love for music, so for me a good song is a good song. I try to stay as much away from trends as I can and keep it underground and fun and funky and definitely bass heavy.

Q — Is there anything you shoot for, in particular with your live show, especially for a festival audience?

A — When I get to play for a bigger crowd I get to play stuff that I normally wouldn’t play for a smaller, more intimate audience. I get to play some of the bigger tracks that are super fun and really get the hands in the air. So, I don’t know, I don’t like to plan it out too much to be honest. I just kind of go with the vibe and see what people are feeling and what I can get away with. Just as long as people are dancing and smiling, then I’m usually doing the same, you know?

Q — Your Twitter and Facebook feeds are pretty pizza heavy.

A — (Laughs). Yeah, I’m definitely a pizza fan, without a doubt.

Q — Have fans started any pizza-related rituals or anything?

A — There have been a few pizzas that have been brought to me while I’m DJing, which is always awesome. I just was greeted with a pizza slice when I got off the plane in Shanghai, which is really cool. I’m a huge pizza fan, so I endorse anybody who decides to be nice enough or kind enough to bring me a slice during or after my set. I feel quite honored when that happens.

Adam Jensen, Lake Tahoe Action

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