Snowpocalypse 2k17: Q&A with Lake Tahoe local provides light-hearted tips for surviving storms |

Snowpocalypse 2k17: Q&A with Lake Tahoe local provides light-hearted tips for surviving storms

Autumn Whitney |
According to Antwerp, libations are a necessary supply for weathering any storm.
Autumn Whitney / Tahoe Daily Tribune |

Anyone who’s been paying attention to recent news knows the Tahoe Basin has seen its share of winter weather in the past week. Thus, we thought it would be good to provide some unconventional and wacky tips for you, our lucky readers, through the form of a Q&A with Tahoe local Laura Van “Bojangles” Antwerp.

We in no way mean to undermine the seriousness of the situation, but when life gives you lemons…

Lake Tahoe Action: What are the top three things you need to survive any storm in Tahoe?

Antwerp: Three cases of ramen noodles — the official food sponsor of college students and people stuck at home in a blizzard. I’d also recommend an emergency raft (such as the trusty Explorer 200) in case you need to either float down the Truckee River or sled yourself to safety. Lastly, candles. Because you don’t want to stub a toe when the power goes out.

If you get the warning a storm is coming, how do you prepare?

First, you’ve got to weatherize your house. If a flood is coming, bust out the sandbags! They’re not only great for blocking out flood waters, but also for keeping your kids in line. If the kids misbehave, just threaten to add them to the pile — that’ll quiet them! If you’re expecting snow, cover your windows in bubble wrap and fill your bathtub with water in case the pipes freeze. How else will you cook your ramen?

Next, get the cross country skis (or raft) next to the front door in case an emergency exit — or a trip to the neighbors’ for eggs — is needed.

Be sure to charge computer batteries. Get a few DVDs lined up because once the power goes out it’s bye-bye Netflix!

Don’t forget to call your mama and tell her you love her. While on the phone, call the casinos to see if they have any flood/blizzard drink specials going on.

Lastly, check Facebook and Twitter every two minutes for weather reports.

Are there any errands to run, or supplies you need to get, prior to the storm?

You’ll need boxes of wine. That’s right — boxes. You don’t want to mess with glass in a storm. Also, ramen, of course. Delicious and somewhat nutritious.

Don’t forget a space blanket, to become a toasty human burrito, and a flashlight, for enhancing ghost story time when the power goes out.

If you could pick one thing to be stranded with in a blizzard, what would it be?

If stranded at home? A deck of cards. A space blanket, if I’m in the car. In a casino it’s a handful of cash, and if you’re stuck at the in-laws, a copy of “The Power of Patience.”

How should you drive in inclement weather?

Slowly and with two hands on the wheel, at least. Maybe even throw a knee into the mix. Be sure to squint at the road with the same intent Batman would reserve for Gotham.

Any tips for someone who has never experienced the amount of snow we see here?

If this is your first snowpocalypse, stay calm. It may feel like the end of days, but really it’s just the end of a work week. Warm up for shoveling five feet of fresh snow with push-ups and some stretching.

But most importantly, ENJOY IT! Make snow angels and enjoy some real conversation with your loved ones. Post 100 videos of your dog playing in the snow. And don’t forget to use hashtags like #tahoesnow to share your fun with the rest of us stuck at home!

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