So cheesy: The best cheese-based dishes Tahoe has to offer

Throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin, there are cheesy tasty bites that are sure to satisfy. Whether you’re cleaning up and dressing up for a luxurious night on the town, or looking for a quick entree to quell the hunger pang, these cheesy dishes are sure to satisfy your savory cravings and remind you why “cheesy goodness” is a beloved statement.

Bistro at the Corner

Bistro at the Corner, located in the Crossings Shopping Center in South Lake Tahoe, provides an elevated experience with a simple dish turned exquisite. This double dose of mac and cheese arguably tops the list of most extravagant cheese creations in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Bistro at the Corner’s Lobster Mac and Cheese.
Provided/Mike Peron

The lobster Mac and cheese is the star of the show, capturing the sophistication of restaurant surroundings as an upscale, cheesy dish, while still being reminiscent of childhood comfort food. Cold Water Lobster and perfectly cooked al dente pasta is smothered in a cozy combination of white cheddar, gruyère, cayenne seasoning, and topped with toasted bread crumbs.

Macduff’s Pub

MacDuffs Pub also offers a decadent entree of the cozy comfort food classic. Located on Fremont Avenue in South Lake Tahoe, MacDuffs “cottage-like”‘ atmosphere has a unique twist on the classic offering: Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Flavor seekers can customize the dish with extra cheese and a menagerie of other toppings and add-ins. Spice it up with jalapenos, or double up on the cheesiness with some extra cheese of your choosing.

Cold Water Brewery

After a day on the beach head over to the Swiss Chalet Village for a hand crafted treat. Cold Water Brewery on Lake Tahoe Boulevard offers a Bavarian pretzel and housemade beer cheese that washes down far too easily with one of 14 house crafted beers. Seating options allow the opportunity to kick back in your flip flops under the cool AC indoors, or continue to take in the sun outdoors, no need for fancy attire.

Bavarian pretzel and housemade beer cheese from Cold Water Brewery.
Ashleigh Goodwin / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Show up and let the Cold Water staff do the rest. The coarse salt on a softly baked pretzel sets off the tang of the warm, mild beer cheese, making it the perfect appetizer or light fare on the go.

La Fondue

Looking for elevated cheese in the fine dining setting? La Fondue in Incline Village boasts “Serving Fine Alpine Cuisine in the Heart of the High Sierra.” Reservations are ideal for this quaint dining experience.

The melted fondue cheese that La Fondue offers is a compliment to the fresh bites that one can use to indulge in the rich, savory cheese. The preparation is all done in the kitchen and you are provided with a perfect combination of items to cook and enjoy a tasty, French-inspired meal. Every bite is enrobed in melted cheese after being freshly cooked by the guests themselves.

Choose oil or broth to cook a variety of choices; veggies, seafood, poultry, beef, or lamb with the option of “Grand Fondue Experience for Two,” which includes a cheese appetizer, four tasty meats, as well as champagne and chocolate fondue for dessert for two.

T’s Mesquite Rotisserie

For a more grab-and-go option to satisfy that cheesy craving, T’s Mesquite Rotisserie offers a delectable quesadilla that’s flakey and filling. A large crispy fried tortilla houses stringy, gooey goodness. For the hungrier crowd, their rotisserie-style, house-cooked meats can be folded into the queso wonderland. Each meat is marinated in mouth watering marinades prior to being cooked to perfection on their rotisserie and sliced hot to order.

T’s Mesquite Rotisserie’s quesadilla.
Ashleigh Goodwin / Tahoe Daily Tribune

The four different options for a protein add on to the grab and go delight include chicken two ways, choice sirloin tri tip, or pork. The Soy Lime has a soy sauce/lime juice base and the perfect hint of white wine, garlic and secret blends of herbs and spices. The Yucatan Style has a burst of citrus and pineapple from the marinade soak. After a blissful bath the chicken is rubbed down with achiote chile paste to give it a nice spice without scorching the mouths it feeds.

West Shore Cafe

Leaving the North shore, just around the bend in Homewood lays waiting melted cheesy goodness more than worth the money spent. The West Shore Cafe sensationalizes the grilled cheese with a panini that very well may be the fanciest in the west of Lake Tahoe.

This is not a typical grilled cheese. A complex selection of gorgonzola, brie and white cheddar dance with the fresh flavors of basil, cabernet fig jam, and mixed greens. The pungent cheeses with the dark flavorful berries of the cabernet and the sweetness of the figs cuts the bitterness of the greens, lending the perfect bite from first to last.

Make it a weekend cheese challenge to try all six stops around Lake Tahoe.

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the Summer 2023 edition of Tahoe Magazine.

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