Some points raised during the public comment period: |

Some points raised during the public comment period:

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So much was taken from the Washoe that we should give something back or maintain what they feel is sacred.

Ban climbers and all people from Cave Rock.

To eliminate the use of this area by one group of people for the exclusive use of another group of people is wrong.

I love the proposed action.

I am against the proposed action.

Avoid a compromise.

Preserve Cave Rock for its heritage values and do not screw more holes in it.

The proposed action allows the Washoe Tribe to maintain full use of the area, while the climber’s use is significantly downgraded.

The current proposed action is correct in that it excluded no one from enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of Cave Rock.

People should go to Cave Rock barefoot to show respect.

Cave Rock is a spiritual place for climbers as well as the tribe. The goal of climbing is not to conquer rock; it is a spiritual feeling to love it.

Any closure should include all interest/user groups, rather than just one user group.

Any activity desecrates the site and causes adverse effects; climbing is equal with other activities, not worse.

All climbing at Cave Rock, and especially climbing by women, is a big desecration. Women were not traditionally allowed at Cave Rock.

Climbers and the Washoe are the two groups with the most intimate relationship with Cave Rock and the deepest regard for its striking physical properties and its ability to touch their inner lives. Greater tolerance for and understanding of other cultures, rather than erection of fences between them, is the direction this world is headed as it proceeds into the next century.

Cave Rock is public land that should be available to all, to enjoy and learn about other cultures, in a way that accommodates the needs of different groups; a place where users learn the values of others. If a site is designated on the National Register, the Forest Service should ensure that the public can visit.

Remove every trace of the thoughtless desecration at Cave Rock – such as climbing routes – but allow continued hiking and free climbing.

Place a plaque at Cave Rock stating the sacredness of the rock.

Cave Rock should be returned to the Washoe Tribe fully. The highway should be closed. Washoe should manage for cultural value and the wishes of the Washoe.

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