Some predictions were on the mark |

Some predictions were on the mark

In 1977, the Tahoe Daily Tribune published a series of articles about what life in Tahoe would be like in 2000. This is a synopsis of some of the predictions that were made by residents.

Ski resorts

Hugh Killebrew, owner of Heavenly Ski Resort in 1977, predicted that by the year 2000 snowmaking and night skiing will create a more stable financial environment for ski areas. In 2000, Heavenly boasts having the largest snowmaking system in the west – an investment that proved wise in years like this one.

Leisure time

Ken Fredericks, co-owner of a Stateline travel agency in 1977, speculated that people would have more time for vacations in the year 2000 and that tourists might venture farther than ever for their vacations – outer space. “A ride in a space shuttle could be a possibility in the year 2000, but a trip to the moon could be a possibility in 2050,” he said in 1977.

Postal service

Home delivery will become available in 2001, according George Perusits, 1977 assistant postmaster in South Lake Tahoe. He also predicted a speedier delivery in the new century due to high-tech sorting equipment. Home delivery became available in the 1990s.

Lake Tahoe Community College

Lake Tahoe Community College campus was located in a hotel on Lake Tahoe Boulevard in 1977. Dr. James Duke, then president of the LTCC, projected a permanent facility with a gymnasium and library. The permanent campus off Al Tahoe Boulevard opened in October 1988 with its own library. A gymnasium is scheduled for the next phase of development, likely to begin in the next two years.


In 1977 the Lake Tahoe Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Magliari, envisioned the use of machinery in the teaching process. “The role of the teacher will be a lot different. They’ll have to manage the machines. The teacher will plan activities on the machines while a technician will actually program the machine for the activity,” he said.


Leafing through books may be a thing of the past in 2000, the article said. Index cards, not the Internet, may replace books. “A complete 90-page issue of Time magazine can be printed on three-by-five card,” El Dorado County librarian Barbara Kleppman said in 1977.


The Volkswagen Beetle will make a comeback in 2000, said Emil Pardee, owner of a Volkswagen car dealership in South Lake Tahoe, in 1977. Other predictions for cars included lighter, computerized vehicles made primarily out of plastic.

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