Sounds of success |

Sounds of success

Amanda Fehd

Boyde Wenger, 33, is the owner of two Mad About Music stores, one in the Swiss Chalet shopping center in South Shore and one in Kings Beach. He was born and raised in Las Vegas and has been living here since 1998. Among other things, he told us why his middle name is the letter “M.”

Q: What brought you to Tahoe?

A: I came here to play in a band with my business partner, Dave. It was a punk, ska type of band. And we started doing this store and got stuck here, which ended up being for the better. When I moved here it was a big step for me. The store wasn’t something that we expected to do.

Q: How does South Shore compare to Vegas?

A: Vegas is a giant, sprawling suburb and South Shore is a small, “nichey” community, with a lot of positive attributes.

Q: What’s Mad About Music all about?

A: It’s just a fun place for people to get excited about music. It’s just super diverse. This store appeals to everyone, but it’s specifically oriented toward certain genres.

A lot of people who are into classic rock are into it because classic rock has been around for 30 years. That’s what we try to carry, is stuff that is “cultish” like that.

And a lot of people come here because of hip-hop, because they know we carry a lot of vinyl. We get people that drive all the way from Reno, to the north and south lake stores, for our vinyl collection.

We’ve had people come in here from San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York, and they’ll dig through our vinyl collection and trip out. Vinyl is a big addiction.

Q: What got you into music?

A: I’ve been into music since I was six years old playing piano. That turned into 18 years old playing in punk bands, owning a record label, owning a distribution, touring with various bands.

It’s almost full cycle, I started out as the customer and have gone all the way around to where I’m catering to the next generation of creativity and artists, and deejays, people that have a creative side to them.

Q: Does anyone ever ask you how you got the name Boyde?

A: Not really. I think I was named after a parent’s friend.

You know what I do get questions about is my middle name. It is the letter M. When I was born, my parents were driving around in an old, beat-up BMW. They didn’t want to give me the name Melvin – the irony now is The Melvins are one of my favorites bands – so they gave me the name M for my middle name, thus the initials BMW.

Q: What’s your attitude about life?

A: You have to roll with it. There’s no way of predicting where you are going to be in a year or two. If you roll with it, there’s something that will dictate where you are in life. I’m not religious, but I’m very spiritual. If you accept that you will get from point A to point B, everything will turn out for the better.

I’ve felt very fulfilled for the last seven years and I never would have expected I’d end up doing this and that fulfillment would come from it.

Q: Is there anything that people might not know about you?

A: I’m an extrovert, everyone knows everything about me. That’s me to a T.

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