South Lake Tahoe City Council approves modified contract with SnowGlobe |

South Lake Tahoe City Council approves modified contract with SnowGlobe

City Council on Tuesday night approved a contract that would keep SnowGlobe in South Lake Tahoe for the next five years if the music festival can identify a new site after the first two years.

The contract must be approved by SnowGlobe, which was acquired by MTV in 2018, in order for it to take effect.

The added provision requiring identification of a new site after the second year was one of two changes made to the contract, which SnowGlobe was prepared to agree to.

The second change deals with the timeline for the annual temporary activity permit.

While the contract discussed Tuesday serves as the overarching document for the festival’s continued operations, SnowGlobe must obtain a temporary activity permit from the city each year.

That activity permit can include additional stipulations not included in the contract agreement. Council opted to extend the city’s deadline for notifying SnowGlobe of new changes to the permit from Jan. 31 each year to March 31.  

It’s unclear if SnowGlobe, a three-day electronic music festival staged at Lake Tahoe Community College, will agree to the contract with the changes.

Outside of the two changes made to the deal, the agreement would — among other provisions — remove the city’s financial contributions to the event and require SnowGlobe to adhere to existing noise regulations set under the Bijou/Al Tahoe Area Plan, as the Tribune previously reported.

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