South Lake Tahoe City Council candidate profile: Patrick Jarrett |

South Lake Tahoe City Council candidate profile: Patrick Jarrett

Patrick Jarrett

Age: 47

Occupation: I work at Scotty’s Hardware

Why are you running for council?

I am running for City Council because this city needs new faces, new ideas and a new way of getting things done. We keep seeing the same people over and over and nothing seems to get done with any urgency. The citizens of this community deserve better. We need real solutions and not just talk. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road.

What are your qualifications?

I have lived in Tahoe the better part of my life. I have attended many City Council meetings to see what’s happening, and I am very involved with the locals on a daily basis. I have managed business here in town, and learned my leadership skills in the U.S. Army’s Primary Leadership Development Course.

What is the No. 1 issue facing the city? How would you address it?

There are so many issues facing the city, but I would prioritize roads. Police, fire and roads are the responsibility of the City Council. Police and fire are doing OK, not great but OK. It’s time to focus on our streets. We need to actively search out new sources of funding and get our streets to where they should be.

Yes or no on Measure T? Why or why not?

No on measure T. This will take a chunk out of the city’s budget, the funding for our new rec center, and hurt jobs. I see this on a daily basis at work, and I hear both sides of the story. We need to take a look at zoning in the permitting process. Then we can start to look at over-saturation in some neighborhoods and come up with a solution that works for everyone.

What is your position on the Loop Road?

I am not in favor of the loop road. It takes away some housing and will not fix our weekend traffic problems.

The city’s recently passed cannabis ordinance was the subject of a successful referendum. How should City Council proceed on this issue?

The city needs to come up with a fair, sensible ordinance and then let the market decide, not just who has the most money.

How should the city address sustainable funding for roads?

We need to find solutions, not band-aids. With a sensible cannabis ordinance, we can make some new tax revenue and take some of that money for roads. I’m not saying this is our answer, but it’s a start.

How would you evaluate the current council’s handling of the previous city manager’s departure?

It was handled poorly, almost like someone had a vendetta. There were ways to handle this that would not have cost the city as much money. And the air of secrecy that surrounds this whole matter have left the citizens with a bad taste in their mouth and a sense of mistrust.

What can City Council do to address the lack of affordable housing?

We need to look at how much the city is charging builders in different fees and see where we can get these fees down to make it affordable to build. STPUD is trying to do their part. We need to follow and make this a less restrictive and less costly process.

Businesses frequently complain about a lack of talented employees. What, if anything, can City Council do to help solve this problem?

We are now offering four-year degrees at LTCC. Lets make some investment in the intellectual capital this is going to bring and make it easier to open and run a business here in town. We cant force people to move here, but we can make it easier to live here so we can attract more people who are willing to live and work here.

Do you feel you are adequately informed and knowledgeable to be an effective member of City Council? Please share the insight informing your answer.

Yes, I feel I am adequately informed and knowledgeable. I have been thrown in to many situations in my life and come through all of them. I am a very fast learner. I have the ability to adapt to any given situation and come up with answers and compromise solutions that will hopefully benefit all interested parties.

It can be difficult to balance a full-time job and City Council responsibilities. How can you assure voters you will be able to commit enough time to council and its responsibilities?

I have a full time job five days a week. I moved to my current job after being a store manager so that I could have more time with my family. My son is now 16, my wife has her own full time job and I have a lot of free time on my hands to dedicate to the citizens of this city.

I would appreciate the opportunity to represent the citizens and I would be in attendance at ALL council meetings and activities. I don’t avoid the hard work. I actually thrive in it.

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