South Lake Tahoe couple launches donut delivery service, Glazed and Confuzed

Claire Cudahy
Customers can choose from a selection of 12 creative donuts featuring ingredients like bacon, pretzels and cereal.
Courtesy / Glazed and Confused |

Maple glaze mixed with bacon bits and pretzels. Cream cheese icing covered in graham cracker crumbs and blueberry pie filling. Vanilla frosting with pecans, pineapple, papaya, mango and toasted coconut. These are just a few of the creative concoctions topping the donuts made by the husband and wife duo behind Glazed and Confuzed Tahoe Donut.

Anthony and Mara Cavallaro began their handcrafted donut delivery service in South Lake Tahoe this March, and though the work has been non-stop, it’s a dream come true for the couple.

“It’s been so rewarding seeing peoples’ faces when they open up their box of donuts,” said Mara.

“For a while there everybody got so health-conscious and gave up on donuts, but I think now there is a new approach where you can add fresh ingredients and fun ingredients,” added Anthony.

Glazed and Confuzed — a play on the coming-of-age film “Dazed and Confused” — strives to make pastries that are unique and a little bit playful. Their 12-donut menu features mouth-watering options like the Vincent Van Dough, a cosmic-colored vanilla chai glazed donut sprinkled with sugar, and the Tootie Fruity, a donut topped with vanilla icing, Fruity Pebbles cereal, and a dollop of homemade lemon pie filling.

“With the online ordering, you order up until 11 p.m. the night before. We take those orders and we come into the kitchen at 1 a.m. and start making your donuts that you ordered per box,” said Anthony, who mixes and fries the donuts while Mara decorates.

“You’re not going to get a donut that’s a day or two old. It’s guaranteed that it was made that morning and delivered to your door.”

After a month in business, the couple said that are working at mixing up their menu, which they plan to do every month.

“My favorite is probably our Glazed and Confuzed donut, but that hasn’t come out yet — it’s on our next menu. It’s got two of my favorite things, maple and bacon, but it’s a little more creative and definitely a little more confused,” laughed Mara.

As for Anthony’s favorite donut? The S’more.

“We toast our marshmallows, and crumble up fresh graham crackers. I’m a sucker for the campfire flavor on a donut,” he said.

Glazed and Confuzed makes their donuts in the kitchen at Tahoe Seasons Resort, and delivers all orders from Meyers to Stateline for free Monday – Saturday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Their donuts are also available at the Keys Café every Saturday and at the Keys Café College Coffee Cart at Lake Tahoe Community College, Monday – Thursday.

Find out more about Glazed and Confuzed Tahoe Donut at

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