South Lake Tahoe first responders to train for mass casualty incident |

South Lake Tahoe first responders to train for mass casualty incident

First responders in South Lake Tahoe will hold an exercise next week.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — First responder agencies across South Lake Tahoe are planning an active shooter training exercise next week.

The training exercise from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, is being conducted by the South Lake Tahoe Police Department, South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue, Cal Tahoe JPA, Barton Health, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Lake Tahoe Unified School District in accordance with national guidelines and best practices for emergency response according to a press release from the city of South Lake Tahoe.

The training drill will be staged at South Tahoe High School and Barton Memorial Hospital, simulating a mass casualty incident to prepare responding agencies for a large-scale traumatic event.

This drill is designed to prepare agencies for response; there are no current indicators of such an event taking place.

No students will be involved in this event, and the training will take place after school with character actors to ensure no impact on children.

Residents, hospital guests and those on-campus after school may see commotion associated with the training drill, including police activity, helicopter and emergency response vehicles, and actors portraying active shooter victims.

To allow effective training for police, fire, hospital and emergency response agencies, the public is prohibited from this event.

Official updates and public information during the training exercise will be distributed through the city, Barton Health and Lake Tahoe Unified School District’s Twitter feeds: @CityOfSLT, @BartonHealth, and @SouthTahoeHigh.

For information, contact the city’s communications manager Chris Fiore by phone at 530-542-6093 or email him at


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