South Lake Tahoe man opens his flowery garden to community |

South Lake Tahoe man opens his flowery garden to community

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Leonard Carter planted his first hollyhocks over 25 years ago, now the “Hollyhock Garden,” brings joy to many people traveling on Glenwood Way.

Carter’s house sits on a corner and his garden, full of hollyhocks, black eyed Susans and petunias, wraps around the front and side of his house.

“I’ve always had a green thumb,” said Carter who describes his garden as his passion.

When designing his garden, Carter searched for perennials that would bloom the longest.

“It doesn’t take much time, they grow like weeds if you plant the right perennials,” Carter said.

Signs saying, “Enter,” and “Flowers for you to enjoy,” are posted on his mailbox, welcoming people to walk through and take seeds.

Carter put up those signs two weeks ago but he’s always had people walking through his garden.

“If I saw people looking at it, I’d open the door and tell them to take some seeds,” Carter said, adding that he has to throw away about 500 plants each year so he encourages people to take seeds.

Carter and his wife raised their three daughters in that house and even though Glenwood is a busy street, he doesn’t mind.

“I’m a social guy, I like waving at people and I enjoy talking to people,” Carter said.

While talking to the Tribune, Carter’s neighbor popped in to say hi and a stranger was walking through the garden picking seeds.

“I get a sense of fulfillment knowing that [the garden] has been uplifting to people,” Carter said. “It’s my contribution to making our neighborhood beautiful.”

With summer coming to an end, Carter’s garden won’t be in bloom much longer so stop by and take a look while the vibrant colors are still in bloom.

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