South Lake woman finds clever means to hang a tree |

South Lake woman finds clever means to hang a tree

Ramona Kluever is hanging more than ornaments this Christmas.

The South Lake Tahoe woman attached her second Christmas tree of the season to a line running from the ceiling as an act in household diplomacy.

Apparently, her overzealous cat, Buud, would leap from the furniture to the 6-foot tree and claw his way up to the top, knocking it over to the floor several times until Kluever’s husband, Rex, gave the woman an ultimatum of sorts.

“(He) said, ‘He’s going to ruin it. We’re not going to have a tree,'” she said.

He boxed up the $200 tree and placed it in the family room. “I was so depressed,” she added.

So Kluever, a supervisor for the El Dorado County Department of Social Services – adept to initiating solutions to social behavior – came up with an answer that would make Charlie Brown proud.

She bought a shorter tree and decided to hang it by a fishing line when her husband was at work. The $10 tree now hangs from the ceiling out of reach from the feral, black-and-white bandit cat she intercepted from a life of crime on the streets.

“It was a compromise,” she said, wanting to accommodate her Christmas spirit, the cat’s playfulness and her husband’s peace.

The idea must have gone over well because the tree is still hanging in her house and Buud and Rex are also still cohabitating.

That’s good news to Kluever, an animal lover who also had a pet in the news a year ago.

Her dog was snatched by a coyote in the backyard of her house on Hazel Drive, devastating Kluever.

Coyotes roaming in neighborhoods prompted a series of letters to the editor that was so healing to Kluever, it would soothe the savage soul.

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