South Shore bands Idekay, Scattershield open for Exodus in Tahoe |

South Shore bands Idekay, Scattershield open for Exodus in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Action

Exodus headlines a metal show Thursday, March 26, at Whiskey Dick's Saloon in South Lake Tahoe.

A pioneer in the early-80s Bay Area thrash scene Exodus’ salient quality is that the word “surrender” has never existed in lead guitarist Gary Holt’s vocabulary.

Surviving decampment (original guitarist Kirk Hammett left to join Metallica in 1983), death (original vocalist Paul Baloff died in early 2002), defection (longtime second vocalist Steve Souza abandoned the band in 2004 on the eve of a South American tour), dejection (panic attacks incapacitated original drummer Tom Hunting in May 2005) and drugs (guitarist Rick Hunolt’s resignation in June 2005 was in part the result of addiction issues), it would have been easier for many to interpret these events as a signal to retire. But then again, not everyone is Holt.

Holt recruited two longstanding musicians who also had Bay Area thrash coursing through their veins. On drums, he appointed former Slayer and Testament member Paul Bostaph. To pick up where Hunolt left off, Holt selected Heathen guitarist Lee Altus, who admitted waiting 20 years for the invitation to join the band. To replace Souza, he turned to a virtually unknown singer: guitar-tech-turned-lead-vocalist Rob Dukes, who had enough hate and vitriolic venom within him to spit out Holt’s murderous lyrics convincing.

The restructuring skyrocketed Exodus’ talent, forming a dream lineup for legions of thrash metal fans all over the world.