South Shore residents arm themselves with information |

South Shore residents arm themselves with information

Susan Wood, Tribune staff writer

It was like the People’s Park in Berkeley met the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Several dozen people filtered in and out of the Strange Brew Sunday in the South Lake Tahoe to seek enlightenment as the U.S. contemplates going to war in the Middle East.

The Tahoe movement joined several war opposition rallies staged around the world over the weekend.

“For me personally, since 9-11, I’ve been more scared of what our government would do,” Jesse Fallon of South Lake Tahoe said, while relaxing on one of the coffee shop’s sofas.

Fallon said he ignored news of the Persian Gulf War because he felt uninformed at the time, but his attitude has changed over the last decade.

Strange Brew Manager Julie Upton opened up her establishment to those looking for varying views.

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“We wanted to help people get information about the war,” she said.

People perused the table of pamphlets and the cyber cafe for Internet information.

That’s where South Shore resident Linda Goodman headed Sunday afternoon, juggling handouts and a large frothy mug of cappuccino.

Like Fallon, Goodman said she views the U.S. government’s demand for other nations to lay down their arms of mass destruction as hypocritical.

Her brother was sent to the Vietnam War, which she opposed but declined to be active against.

With this latest conflict, she plans to arm herself with counterpoints from alternative media. She thinks the pending war with Iraq is a different animal from the Vietnam War.

“The only similarity between them is neither one is necessary,” she said.

Speakers throughout the afternoon took to the stage to share their views, create anti-war lyrics and play music — some coming from as far away as El Dorado County’s seat.

“We opted to come here because we believe small gatherings like this are just as important as the big ones,” said Christine Knapp, Placerville Green Party member.

Knapp, who was joined by husband Michael, added she was not surprised people in Tahoe turned out for such an event. The couple had just returned from the large-scale anti-war demonstration in Sacramento Saturday.

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