South Shore thrash band IDEKAY proves its mettle |

South Shore thrash band IDEKAY proves its mettle

Dan Thomas, Lake Tahoe Action

It sounds like the plot of a spectacularly bad ’80s movie: Thrash band loses drummer to local jam band before the two meet in a battle of the bands, from which the metalheads emerge victorious.

It also sounds like something that should upset somebody enough to spawn a sequel. But from the frame of reference of South Shore thrash band IDEKAY, it’s a boon for the whole spectrum of music on the South Shore.

Singer Josh Lease said drummer Danny Barnes left IDEKAY during the summer for Deep Fryed Mojo ” the band that faced off against the two-year-old thrash-metal outfit to kick off Bar 24’s weekly battle of the bands on Sept. 25. IDEKAY emerged victorious from the first round, but according to Lease, the event marks a victory for all the bands, covering all genres, on the South Shore.

“I think it’s really good what Bar 24 is doing ” trying to expose people to more music,” said Lease, who added that his goal is to get behind every band and every style of music.

IDEKAY advanced to the second round of the battle of the band to meet the winners of the first-round matchup Thursday, Oct. 3, between the Hyenas and the Ultimates.

But IDEKAY, with a lineup of Lease, guitarists Danny Garrity and Andreas Malepzak, bassist Chad Davis and new drummer Erik Achenbach, is also looking beyond the battle of the bands. Lease said the group is actually trying to limit what bands it appears with, and has been playing with national headliners since August, including a number of bands from the Prosthetic Records label, including one band whose name even Lake Tahoe Action can’t publish, suffice it to say that many publications refer to the legendary grindcore outfit as AxCx.

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IDEKAY’s next scheduled appearance is the Prosthetic band Antagonist, which will play a CD release party Sunday, Oct. 5, at Whiskey Dick’s Saloon. The cover charge is good for admission and Antagonist’s new CD, “Exist,” which the band released Tuesday.

“It’s really good,” Lease said. “It’s really melodic and real technical guitar playing.”

Lease said he’s now booking shows for Whiskey Dick’s Saloon that his goal is to promote all different types of music. But IDEKAY’s busy summer and the emergence of metal on the South Shore are a testament to where Lease’s heart lies.

“Metal’s what I want to play and what I want to help out,” he said.