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Spirituality affair with my wife of 53 years

Philip Rossi

The purpose of this article is to share my experience of spirituality with my late wife, Jennie. Although many people have experienced similar connections with spirituality and its communication links, there are more people who do not understand this kind of natural event. This is the second reason I wrote this article.

Your true inheritance and legacy is to obtain the level of spirituality with a loved one or anything created by the universe of all there is. Remember, it’s a great spiritual feeling to be truly connected with the life forces of the universe, and it’s all “instinctively natural.”

What is spirituality? First, our true inheritance and legacy come from the universe’s cosmic affect/effect, i.e. “all that exists operates in a natural order or balance, while maintaining a harmonious check-and-balance system.” One of the universe’s operating principles is that the ultimate goal for all life forms is to reach a balance and harmony throughout one’s life cycle. Through knowledge and understanding of the universe’s natural driven life force we can all obtain the level of spirituality by reflecting the Great Spirit within the universe. Spirituality has no connection with man-made religions. Mankind can bond with a loved one or anything as created within the universe.

Of course, inner beauty of a person lasts forever, and after death it becomes a state of spirituality. But the highest level of spirituality is when you actually bond with a human being such as a loved one. At this level you most likely will experience some form of a communication link with the loved one. The author of this article has, and to this day continues to have, the communication link with his beloved wife of 53 years. Many times the natives throughout the world in the past and to this day continue to have this communication with their relatives. These connections come in many forms including spiritual visions. This subject of spirituality ties in with the goodness of nature with all its natural driven forces; the cosmos affect/effect within the entire universe.

Many people say “I am spiritual” or he or she is a spiritual person; however, they may be, but it is not the same as experiencing or recognizing the level of spirituality. To reach the level of spirituality one must bond with a loved one or some kind of the universe’s creations – trees, lakes, oceans, sun and animals – just about anything that exists.

Also, the level of spirituality means you have first accomplished a medium for communications with a loved one or their spirit with any other creation of the universe. Of course, anything of beauty that inspires is also a means from which you can bond and reach the level of spirituality. The Washoe Indian Tribe has spirituality with Lake Tahoe – a thing of beauty.

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The “Great Spirit” operates in a natural order of balance throughout the universe including mankind; while maintaining a harmonious check and balance system. For example, every time human kind creates an imbalance situation the spirit goes into action to correct this fault. Of course, during the natural correction process those life forms that created the imbalances will suffer some form of consequences. The problems with over population, over consumption and over indulgence is that all promote severe consequences for mankind. Also, all humankind’s diseases are a good example of imbalance situations. The writer discovered that if it isn’t instinctually natural, it is not real.

The writing of classic poetry and/or prose is a form of expressing the beauty of nature including all loving things. Actually, it is considered the highest form of writing, connecting humankind with the spiritual universe. The level of spirituality may manifest in various media forms. In the writer’s case it was visual, via a beautiful photograph of my deceased wife. Oddly enough, after 11Ú2 years of daily communication there still was no sound from my wife. However, Jennie moved as one talking, but I cannot read lips. My wife does respond when I’m talking to her, bringing her up to date of my daily activities. I can detect some of her feelings – so there is some progress. This level of spirituality keeps her alive and me from being too lonesome. Many people who have experience with the spirituality connection say that my wife is not ready to actually talk with sound to me as yet.

Anyway, folks, your true inheritance and legacy has always been there for you. We all were born with natural “Free-Born-Spirit” structure. It’s up to everyone to develop and grow his or her spirit to the level of spirituality. The source of knowledge and understanding has always been there for all the life forms including mankind. Humankind needs also to reflect the universe’s great spirit; it is your birthright. The ancient Greek philosophers knew that philosophy and the natural laws of the universe is one and the same thing. The aura of understanding is truly the rainbow of life covering all there is. The pot of gold is found when your free-born spirit fully surfaces a the level of spirituality. Spirituality is the beauty in life.

It’s no mystery that beauty in general inspires mankind and raises the spirit. This inspiration also may reach the level of spirituality, when bonding takes place as with a loved one. Humans love to go into the country for a ride to witness this kind of natural beauty. Yes, this kind of beauty and many other encounters of beauty can and does raise the level of spirituality in one’s life.

We all have heard the expression, “What a beautiful day it is;” well, that is definitely a spiritual beginning that most likely can develop into the level of spirituality and bonding with the creations of the universe.

– Philip Rossi is a 35-year resident of South Lake Tahoe.