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A’s take it to Giants in Babe Ruth baseball

Chad Sellmer, Tribune staff writer

The A’s cranked up on offense to put an end to the Giants’ hopes early on in a May 12 game, 20-3.

After jumping out to a 3-1 second-inning lead, the Giants were overwhelmed when the A’s started connecting with the ball.

The A’s scored nine runs in the third and fourth innings, then nine more in the fifth to take an insurmountable lead.

Ryan Gosh and Dan Tinlin each had four hits and four runs, Max Meeker three hits and three runs and Jack Williams scored four runs and had three hits for the A’s. Jason Winslow also had four hits and one run.

The Giants got one run and one hit each from Julio Cuevas and Curtis Maxwell.

Reds 21, Cubs 6

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Joey O’Malley had three hits and scored four runs as the Reds beat the Cubs May 13.

Ryan Lucia had four runs and three hits, with two RBIs for the Reds, while Brandon Yost scored three and hit three with four RBIs and Cody Reeder scored twice with three hits.

The Cubs got two hits and a run from Alex Webb and one hit and one run from Mike Orman, Trevor Miller and Casey Cursey.

Yankees 19, Mariners 9

The Yankees showed some serious offense with 19 runs scored against the Mariners May 15.

Bo Hallam had three hits and scored twice for the Yankees, Scott Hoffman scored two runs and had a hit, Andrew Stuck had two runs and two hits with three RBIs, Christ Thomas scored four with three hits and two RBIs and Joel Uppendahl and Kyle Garrett each had two runs and two hits.

David Schue had two hits and scored four runs for the Mariners. Teammates Jay Sandness hit three and scored once and Jacob Hash had two hits, one run and three RBIs.