Caesars will host heavyweight card in April |

Caesars will host heavyweight card in April

Chad Sellmer, Tribune staff writer

Caesars Tahoe will host two heavyweight boxing cards, one set for April 12 and another later this summer, though exactly who will arrive to duke it out in the basin has yet to be determined.

Cedric Kushner Promotions, based in New York, will determine the card.

“We do not have a card yet,” said Caesars Marketing Manager Mindi Befu. “The date will be April 12 and it is definitely going to be heavyweight.

“Through our company, Park Place Entertainment in Las Vegas, we have a partnership with CKP and we’re going to be hosting several fights throughout the properties. Caesars Tahoe will have two of those stops, but it’s hard to say where those cards are going to land at this point and I don’t want to speculate.”

Prices for fights at Caesars Tahoe typically vary, ranging anywhere from $15 to $125, Befu said.

“We don’t have any confirmed pricing yet. It varies,” she said. “Prices are determined by the fight card.”

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission is aware that fights are scheduled here for April and July, but no additional information was available.

“They have not submitted any names to us this early,” said Colleen Patchin of the commission.

Jim Hunter, director of boxing operations for CKP’s West Coast interests, said it’s “premature to announce anything” since contracts have yet to be signed with the fighters and any card requires approval of the NSAC.

“We do not yet have signed contracts for both heavyweights in the April 12 main event,” Hunter said.

Caesars will announce the contestants in the coming weeks.