Caples Lake water to go to Jenkinson Lake? |

Caples Lake water to go to Jenkinson Lake?

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Placerville ” El Dorado Irrigation District has petitioned the State Water Resources Control Board to transfer water from Caples Lake reservoir to Jenkinson Lake in Sly Park Recreation Area near Pollock Pines.

If the state agency grants the district’s petition, about 4,000 acre-feet of the water now being drawn down from Caples – under emergency conditions – would be diverted through the Hazel Creek tunnel to Jenkinson Lake. Jenkinson Lake is the district’s largest drinking water storage facility.

The 4,000 acre-feet is the maximum that can be transported through the tunnel before the drawdown is complete. Both reservoirs and their water rights are owned by the district. “This would be a good use of at least some of the Caples water, especially if 2009 turns out to be another dry year, and every day we wait means less water can be diverted to storage,” said George Osborne, president of the District’s Board of Directors

Under authority granted by state law, the district’s board declared an emergency on July 1 of this year, shortly after an investigative dive team discovered that the slide gates and other features of the outlet works at the Caples main dam are seriously deteriorated. The gates must be replaced and to to accomplish this, the lake must be lowered to 11 feet.