Giants pick up win over Red Sox in Babe Ruth baseball |

Giants pick up win over Red Sox in Babe Ruth baseball

Chad Sellmer, Tribune staff writer

The Giants used a six-run first inning, followed by an 11-run second to beat the Red Sox 24-7 on May 17.

Elijah Townsend had three hits and scored three runs for the Giants en route to the big win. Teammate Curtis Maxwell scored three and hit two, as did Nick Heng and Ian Rice. Brendon Rice had two scores and hit a single, and Kyle Mazzoni hit a single and a double.

The Red Sox were led on offense by Teddy Kosciolek, who scored two runs and hit a single. Aaron Datrio also had a single.

Mariners 9, A’s 4

Jacob Hash cranked in two runs on two singles as the Mariners won a game over the A’s.

Jay Sandness hit a double and a single with one RBI, and Tony Stagnaro hit a single and scored a run.

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The A’s were led by Dan Tinlin’s double and single at bat. Mike Olivo hit a single and registered two RBIs and Jack Williams had a hit with an RBI.

Reds 17, Yankees 8

Josh Reeder had two hits with three RBIs and also scored twice to lift the Reds over the Yankees.

Garrett Gibb had two hits and scored three runs, Brandon Yost hit two and scored three and Cody Reeder and Danny O’Malley each scored two runs for the Reds.

The Yankees got two hits and two runs scored by Bo Hallam, while Zach Kropf had two hits, two runs and two RBIs. Andrew Stuck had two hits and scored a run.