Jenkinson Lake to get water from Caples Lake |

Jenkinson Lake to get water from Caples Lake

Tribune and EID reports

El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) has obtained approval from the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to transfer up to 4,000 acre-feet of water currently being drawn down from Caples Lake reservoir ” under emergency conditions ” to Jenkinson Lake.

“We started the transfer through Hazel Creek Tunnel to Jenkinson Lake (Friday) morning,” stated EID general counsel Tom Cumpston. “Although we hope to get as close to the 4,000 acre-foot maximum limit as possible, we will probably run short due to the drawdown that has already taken place.”

“This event marks the first use of Permit 21112 water and is a positive outcome for a tough situation, especially if 2009 turns out to be another dry year,” said EID board president George Osborne.

In an effort to ensure that the drawdown water is not wasted, some of the water is being diverted through the EID powerhouse to generate state-certified “clean” hydroelectric power for California.

Under authority granted by state law, the district’s board declared an emergency repair situation on July 1 of this year, shortly after it was determined that badly deteriorated slide gates and other equipment were in need of replacement as soon as possible.

Tom Hecker of San Diego has postponed his attempt to swim the length of Lake Tahoe due to high winds.

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Hecker, 56, was planning to start the 22.1-mile swim from Camp Richardson to Incline Village on Monday night and finish by noon today.

“My team and I will look at the forecast (today) for a swim (tonight),” Hecker said in an E-mail to the Tribune. “Weather reports predict the winds to die down to acceptable levels.”

Last year, 35-mph winds thwarted Hecker’s attempt to swim across Lake Tahoe. Hecker has already completed marathon swims of the English Channel, Gibraltar Straits and Manhattan Island.