Kinder Kup racing puts kids in the spotlight |

Kinder Kup racing puts kids in the spotlight

Tribune staff report

On March 8, 53 athletes aged six and under showed up at Heavenly Ski Resort to race in the last of three Kinder Kup Races as part of the annual race series.

Both alpine and snowboard participants competed for top spots to earn points toward the Kinder Kup Overall Champion Award. During the season, each athlete that posts a top 15 finish earns points, with first receiving 25 points and 15 earning just one point. The athlete with the most cumulative points at the end of all three races is awarded the Kinder Kup Champion for the series.

There were many returning racers as well as first timers on Saturday.

In the girls’ Alpine division, Brooke Norton of the Heavenly Ski Foundation won her third race with a combined time of 39.33 seconds, making her the Kinder Kup Overall Champion for the race series with 75 total points.

Riley Champan of Northstar was second with 41.29, which earned her third place in the overall standings (35 points), with Alexandra Holoday of Northstar placing third with a time of 44.45. But Michael Gardner’s seventh place finish on Saturday was just enough to secure second place in the overall standings with 39 points, edging out Champan by just four points.

The rest of the top 10 finishers included Maia Bickert fourth; Ayden Williamson fifth; Danica Bunnett sixth; Mikela Mangiarcina eighth; Alex McIntosh ninth and Haley Uriz, 10th.

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The largest class, Alpine boys, had 29 athletes compete with Chad Kaassamani posting the two fastest times of the day, winning by over four seconds. HSF teammates Kaassamani (34.02) and Austin Brooks (38.65) took first and second, followed by Edelweiss’s Jonathan Spaich in third with a combined time of 44.16 seconds. But it was Austin Brooks who was crowned Overall Kinder Kup Series Winner having earned 65 points, with Kaassamani second with 60 points.

Austin Allen, who placed sixth in Saturday’s results, had consistent results earning him third place in the overall standings with 34 points. Saturday’s results for the boys included Michael Edwards fourth; Alex Bowman fifth; Ryo Hasegawa seventh; Will Coomber eighth; Connor Novak ninth and Jordan White 10th.

Taylor Chatwin won the girls’ snowboard division with a combined time of 55.18 seconds, followed by Julia Mason in second (59.92), Mackenzie Conrad in third (1:02.26), Micky Murphy fourth (1:07.18), and Chandler Morgenstern fifth (1:26.10).

The Overall Kinder Kup Series Winner was Julia Mason, with 65 points, with Mackenzie Conrad taking second with 50 points. It came down to Saturday’s results to determine the third place Overall Champion in the girls’ snowboard division. With just one point separating third place from fourth, Chatwin emerged as the third place overall champion with 37 points.

There were just two participants in the boys’ snowboard division, with Keyon Heydarian winning over his competitor, Noah Friesen. Heydarian earned 70 points to take the Overall Kinder Kup Champion title for snowboarding.