McMahan conquers tough Silver Run |

McMahan conquers tough Silver Run

Steve Yingling

VIRGINIA CITY – It took a high-altitude triathlete to tame a demanding Virginia City Silver Run 10-kilometer race on Saturday.

Ross McMahan of Incline Village covered the steep, challenging course in 46 minutes, 31 seconds. No one was in sight when he finished and he didn’t breathe like someone who had just conquered a difficult test.

The first-year event required runners to repeatedly climb in elevation in the old mining town at 6,200 feet. In fact, there was even a rope for runners to pull on to get over one hill.

“(Race director Sue Moulden) wasn’t kidding about the rope to get up over the hill,” McMahan said. “It was extremely steep over on the backside. I think that hill climb took about 6 or 7 minutes to get to the top.”

McMahan recently finished third in a Big Bear triathlon and placed third in his age group at the 2004 Xterra national championships. Usually, though, his 10K runs don’t take as long as it did on Saturday. “Most of it was a trail run, so you can’t really judge your times. The times were slow, but it was a difficult 10K course,” McMahan said.

Travis Anderson was a little less than 5 minutes behind McMahan, finishing in 51:14 and Jason O’Neal was third in 55:33.

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The 2-mile course also featured a lot of climbing and Larry Stone of Carson City emerged the winner in 13:27. Jordan Yingling of South Lake Tahoe was runner-up in 14:20 and Gloria Sosa of Carson City was third in 15:11.

Despite the difficulty of the event, which raised money for Hugh Gallagher Elementary school in Virginia City, competitors promised to return for the second running next August.

“It was pretty arduous climbing up the hills. I liked that it was a very well-marked course and that it was challenging,” said Sparks’ Jim O’Neil, who finished eighth in 2-mile run in 18:14.



Virginia City

(Top 20)

10K overall

1. Ross McMahan, 46 minutes, 31 seconds; 2. Travis Anderson, 51:14; 3. Jason O’Neal, 55:33; 4. Peter Sinnott, 58:14.03; 5. Thilo Wilhelm, 58:14.03; 6. Roby Robinson, 1:02:52; 7. Rebecca Johnson, 1:05:28; 8. Doyle Thompson, 1:10:05; 9. Cody Casburn, 1:10:13.12; 10. Shelby Moulden, 1:10:13.38.

11. Dennis Wischmeier, 1:12:38; 12. Duncan Maldrich, 1:14:56; 13. Megan Brandon, 1:17:03; 14. Karen Sikora, 1:17:42; 15. Gigi Giogovac, 1:18:27; 16. Larry Wright, 1:23:50; 17. Christy Hess, 1:28:30; 18. Charles Burt, 1:29:58; 19. Jim Baratti, 1:30:20; 20. M. Conway, 1:32:25.

2-mile overall

1. Larry Stone, 13 minutes, 27 seconds; 2. Jordan Yingling, 14:20; 3. Gloria Sosa, 15:11; 4. Steve Yingling, 17:08; 5. Glenn Binasi, 17:47; 6. Ericka Sosa, 17:53: 7. Erick Walker, 17:54; 8. Jim O’Neil, 18:14; 9. Robey Willis, 20:26; 10. Ronald Burke, 22:43.

11. Tanya O’Neal, 23:18; 12. Elma White, 23:59; 13. Lynn Wright, 24:13; 14. Tyler Burch, 24:52; 15. Susan Traynor, 24:55; 16. Glen Traynor, 24:56; 17. Melissa Carlisle, 26:52; 18. Tiffani Curtis, 27:28; 19. Tyler Curtis, 27:32; 20. Anita Curtis, 27:47.

2-mile walk

1. Linda King, 26:23; 2. Marie Cavin, 34:30; 3. Joyce Hess, 37:23.