Miller and Rahlves: Two different peas in the same pod |

Miller and Rahlves: Two different peas in the same pod

Jeremy Evans

On the surface, Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves seem galaxies apart. Miller is famous for his partying and brash style and toys with the media. Rahlves is married, enjoys surfing and is forthright with the media.

However, if you peer deeper into what makes them tick, they are undeniably similar. Miller and Rahlves may seem like different personalities, but they both adopt a no-nonsense approach to the hill.

For those reasons, they are identical. On the mountain is where true character is revealed. On the mountain is where we should define these two athletes, but it’s off the hill where we’ve molded our perception of them.

That’s exactly what Miller wants, and the media obliges. Miller grabs the headlines and Rahlves is buried in the story.

“He’s probably putting a reverse psychology on you guys,” Rahlves said of Miller.

The difference between Miller and Rahlves is simply an illusion, created by Miller and accepted by the general public. Miller pretends as if he’s repulsed by all of his attention, and his repulsion is then amplified by the media.

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The summer after he became the first American since Phil Mahre in 1983 to win the World Cup overall title, Miller hinted at skipping the 2006 Winter Olympics because he felt the games had become corrupt. He also said drugs should be legalized, as long as the public knows who won while using drugs and who won without using drugs.

For someone who seeks a low profile, Miller sure finds a way to stay in the limelight. Not long after making headlines on those two subjects, Miller was seen on Fox News promoting his new book entitled “Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun.”

It was about that time he also announced he was indeed racing in the Olympics. The best skier in the world skiing in the Olympics? Wow, what a surprise. Perception and reality fooled us again.

What we need to remember about Miller and Rahlves is they are two of the best skiers in the world. They both hate to lose and they both say things that should land them in the media.

Miller, though, has just figured out a way to stay in the media.

“I’m flying under the radar and it’s something I don’t mind,” said Rahlves, a Truckee resident. “He’s making some headlines and saying interesting things with the media. He likes to throw a lot of fuel in the fire, even though a lot of it has nothing to do with what we’re doing.”

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