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Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

By John Shott

Tribune correspondent

George Alm, on the Bowling Follies team, recorded his second perfect 300 game Dec. 5 at the Tahoe Bowl in the Basin Bowlers league. Alm’s game filled the entire bowl with excitement and electricity.

Arriving late at the bowl, Alm did not have a chance to throw any practice balls, but managed to watch several other bowlers throw a few practice shots just before league play and fell into the “bowlers zone.”

Playing the first arrow with plenty of speed, the smooth, right-handed power bowler proceeded to roll 12 consecutive strikes en route to his second perfect 300 game.

Alm started bowling when he was 8 years old in l973 in a small, 12-lane bowling alley in Lowell, Ind. It was the first bowling center with automatic AMF pinsetters. The balls would return by rails above the lanes and the lanes would be oiled with bug sprayers said Alm. Those were the old days of bowling.

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When Alm was 11, he was already bowling in two or more leagues per week. During that time, Alm was teaching the other little children how to bowl and became president of the league for the next four years.

Alm attended Vincennes University in Indiana and majored in radio and television. While in college, Alm participated on three bowling teams. After moving to Lake Tahoe in 1986, Alm opened his own business, Taylor Creek Auctions and Promotions in 1996.

Alm has taught bowling for the Lake Tahoe Community College for six years, served on the Kiwanis Club from 1989-2003 and was its president in 1996 and 2001. Alm received the Ruby Award on behalf of Kiwanis International in 1996. The Ruby Award was for the fire prevention and firefest which occurs every Oct. 3 in South Lake Tahoe. The firefest is at the middle school in which more than 4,000 children participate learning about fire prevention. This benefits the seniors and children of our community.

Alm has been a member of the TSBA board for nine years and served as president for eight of those years. He has sponsored free bowling clinics and is always willing to help other with their game.

On March 14, 1991, Alm produced games of 268-279-201-279 for a 1,027 series in the Mixed Scratch Trio.

On April 21, 1992, Alm connected for games of 258-289-268 en route to his 815 series earning his ring from ABC.

On May 16, 1998, Alm became the first area bowler to qualify for the 37th Cal-State Masters Bowling Championships with a solid 1,277 pinfall.

On March 17, 1999, Alm recorded his first 300 game at Tahoe Bowl on the new synthetic urethane lanes.

Alm comes from a bowling family. His father, Robert, 78 and mother, Marcelle, 74, and brother, Fred, 45, all participate in two leagues back in Lowell. His parents took him to his first semi-pro event when he was a 1-year-old in Chicago in 1966. Alm credits his family for his success.

“They were always there for me; taking and picking me up from the junior programs, watching me participate, bowled in leagues together with my father in 1980, and encouraged me to succeed,” said Alm.

After all that George Alm has given to the sport of bowling and to its community, his positive attitude and kindness toward others led to his second perfect dream game. So remember to always keep your dreams alive because your dream may come true just as George’s did.

Alm said that his Christmas came early this year. Rolling a 300 is a great present to end the year with.

Congratulations on your awesome game, George!