Reno ousts STHS |

Reno ousts STHS

Steve Yingling

Drawing last year’s state runner-up in the opening round of the Northern 4A boys’ regional tennis tournament wasn’t a good omen for the South Tahoe Vikings.

South Tahoe won four of nine singles matches, but Reno was too strong in doubles as the Huskies advanced to the regional semifinals with a 13-5 victory Tuesday in Reno.

“I’m proud of the guys. It was the best tennis I’ve seen them play all season,” said STHS coach Justin Clark. “We are gong to have everbody back, and I’m looking forward to improving on this year.”

Senior David Grand won two of his three singles matches, and juniors Cameron Chase and Nick Kushner added singles wins for the Vikings. STHS doubles reserves Kolton Van Pelt and Gregory Baghdikian picked up the Vikings’ final point with a 6-4 win in the third round.

Jeff Mullen, Reno’s No. 1 singles player and the defending regional champion, beat Grand 6-1 and Chase 6-0 before sitting down in the final round.

South Tahoe junior Jordan Zager said there is one overriding factor as to why Reno continues to beat the Vikings year after year.

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“They play year-round,” he said. “Plus they didn’t lose hardly anybody from last year’s team that was second in the state.

“They know where to put their shots, and they don’t make a lot of mistakes.”

Zager said it’s up to his team close the gap between the programs.

“A lot of us are talking about playing in the offseason,” said Zager, who is one of 10 Vikings with eligibility remaining. “The top teams are losing a lot of players, and we’re losing one senior.”



At Reno

Singles matches

Mullen, R, def. Grand, 6-1

Stark, R, def. Chase, 6-1

Kushner, ST, def. Cooper, 7-5

Mullen, R, def. Chase, 6-0

Stark, R, Kushner, 6-1

Grand, ST, def. Cooper, 6-0

Varole, R, def. Marchesseault, 6-3

Grand, ST, def. Clark, 6-2

Chase, ST, def. Cooper, 6-2

Doubles matches

MacMillan-McArthur, R, def. Zager-Weber, 6-0

Nomura-Rudd, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-3

Bolorin-Tung, R, def. Marin-Jones, 6-0

MacMillan, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-0

Nomura-Rudd, R, def. Marin-Jones, 6-0

Bolorin-Tung, R, def. Zager-Weber, 6-1

Van Pelt-Baghdikian def. Kocs-Misra, R, 6-4

Reno team def. Zager-Weber, 6-0

Sexton-Sexton, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-1