Ruvalcaba, Bravo’s fighter lose decisions |

Ruvalcaba, Bravo’s fighter lose decisions

Steve Yingling

It wasn’t a good weekend for boxers with connections to the South Shore.

Pro fighter Simon Ruvalcaba was attempting to win his second bout in a row, but he lost a unanimous decision to Rodrigo Aguiar on Friday at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Judges scored the four-round bout 40-35, 40-36 and 40-36.

Ruvalcaba (4-10-2) and Aguiar (5-3) were originally scheduled for a middleweight bout in May, but Aguiar pulled out of the fight for personal reasons.

Shawn Estrada of Los Angeles didn’t fare any better in his Olympic bout on Saturday in Beijing. Estrada, who is trained by former South Lake Tahoe amateur and pro boxer Arnulfo Bravo, lost his 69-kilogram bout to Great Britain’s James Degale, 11-5.

Despite his 10th career defeat, Ruvalcaba was pleased that he fought Aguiar in the center of the ring.

“I earned the respect I was lacking,” Ruvalcaba said. “I needed it more to shut everybody up. It wasn’t the smartest fight, but it turned out like it did. It was a competitive shutout.”

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Ruvalcaba believes he could have been successful trying to outpoint Aguiar, but he wasn’t certain that game plan would have been enough to sway the judges.

“I wasn’t comfortable getting the decision, so I just went for it,” he said.

Aguiar tried to instigate a slugfest at the prefight press conference, according to Ruvalcaba. Ruvalcaba announced that he was going to dress in black to honor injured fighter and friend Oscar Diaz, and then Aguiar showed up on fight night wearing black as well. Ruvalcaba was asked to change his colors and obliged.

The four-round slugfest ended with both men being advised to seek medical treatment. Ruvalcaba’s face was swollen, and Aguiar reportedly suffered a broken hand and sore ribs.

Aguiar declined treatment, while Ruvalcaba received a CAT scan.

Ruvalcaba anticipates that his next fight won’t come before November, and he has a good idea as to where it will be.

“The promoter said he would definitely have me back. I’m becoming like a big crowd favorite in Las Vegas,” Ruvalcaba said.