Sierra-at-Tahoe superpipe competition brings out best in HSF |

Sierra-at-Tahoe superpipe competition brings out best in HSF

Tribune staff report

Heavenly Ski Foundation riders took home many of the top honors in the Sierra-at-Tahoe superpipe competition Feb. 2.

In the men’s open class, HSF’s Wes Klahn finished first with a total best score of 25, followed by David Bosson in second with 20 points and Ari Giovenco in fourth with a score of 14.5. Danny Rein placed third.

“Wesley Klahn put together a flawless run,” said HSF coach Ed McClain. “Wesley is in a league all his own.”

HSF team members also did well in girls’ ruggie (7 and under) with Julia Mason taking first with six points and Taylor Chatwin in second with 4.5 points. Dana Berry placed third with 8.5 points.

In boys’ grommet (ages 8-9), HSF’s Sammy Mason placed first with 11.5, followed in second by Mika Hight at 10 and Jordan Laub in third place with 7.5.

In girls’ grommet (7-8), HSF’s Mackenzie Conrad finished second to Natasha Sagucka by a score of 4.5 to Sagucka’s 6.5.

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In the boys’ menehune (10-11), HSF’s Tanner Hart was first with a score of 9.5, followed in second by Harrison Kramer at 7. Matt Stuck finished third with 8 points.

HSF also took home a top-three sweep in the boys’ breaker (12-13) division, with Roger Carver in first at 17, followed by Nick Poohachoff second with 14 and Bobby Hening in third with 13.5 as a best score.

Sierra’s Jamie Anderson finished first in the girls’ breaker (12-13) division with a score of 12.5.

HSF members had one of their best showings in youth (14-15), as Greg Dupree was first with 17, Brian Galea in second with 13, Abe Greenspan in fourth with 11.5 and John Retta fifth at 11. Ben Goldenberg, Russ Kaczmar, Garrett Gibb and Aaron Laub helped round out the top 10. Mikey Orlick finished in third with a score of 12.5.

In girls’ youth (14-15), HSF’s Colleen Sheehan placed third with a best score of 10. Stacie Anderson of the Sierra-at-Tahoe team finished in first place with a score of 16 and Elan Whitney was second with 12.

In men’s junior (16-17), HSF members took two of the top three, with Jeff Kaczmar in second at 19 and Chris Moonogan third at 13.5. Michael Chilton won the event with a best score of 22.

In women’s junior (16-17) class, HSF’s Melissa Anino finished in third place with a score of 8.