Slow Rollers have fun, help kids |

Slow Rollers have fun, help kids

By Paul Andrew

Tribune staff writer

The image most people have of bicycle clubs are those hearty soles in lime and purple spandex with numbers on their backs who circle the lake on a regular basis during the summer.

For most of us with jobs, families, house projects and numerous other obligations in our busy lives, finding the time and motivation to attempt the “Death Ride,” or other serious pedaling venture isn’t realistic.

I’m happy to report that there is a bicycle club in South Lake Tahoe for the rest of us: The Slow Rollers Bicycle Club.

A social club that likes to ride, and most importantly, benefits underpriveleged young people in our area by donating bicycles to kids, the “Rollers” are increasing in popularity and number of events.

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“Last year, we were able to provide five bikes for kids in our area who otherwise couldn’t afford them,” said club founder and “Chief Slow Roller” Mark Cutright. “Our goal this year is to provide 10 bikes for our local kids.”

On Sunday, 97 bike riders of all ages, sizes and with every type and colored bike imaginable, participated in the annual “Poker Run” hosted by the club. Beginning at the Horizon Casino Resort, the group left en masse toward Tahoe Hemp Company, where each participant drew the first card for their five-card poker hand, with the winning hand receiving a new bike.

Between the second and third stops at the Turn-3 Bar and Tudor Pub, the group began to disperse, as more and more riders decided to spend more time enjoying the libations of the local establishments.

Stop #4 at Hot Gossip Coffee Shop gave the bikers one last boost before heading back to the final stop at the Horizon for the final playing card, a barbeque, raffle and fun.

With the success of the event, Cutright is confident that the club’s goal will be easily reached.

“We were planning on about 50 people participating, so this response is incredible,” Cutright said. “I know that we will be able to provide more bikes for kids this year.”

“Owning a bicycle can make a difference in the lives of kids,” Cutright added. “The Village (Sporting Goods Store) gives us a break on the bikes and matches them up with the young people.”

The next club event will be the “Sands and Suds” ride and treasure hunt along the beaches on Highway 89.

For more information on the Slow Rollers Bicycle Club, visit