STHS girls win Retro Relays in tribute to Emily Clothier |

STHS girls win Retro Relays in tribute to Emily Clothier

Steve Yingling

Halloween came early to South Tahoe High on a blustery Friday afternoon. Some runners came to the annual South Tahoe Retro Relays dressed as John Travolta and ninjas.

Participants in the team-oriented meet are encouraged to compete in costume, giving the runners a stress-free competition as the regional meets near.

“It’s just a fun race,” said STHS sophomore Justin Dalton, who ran his two-mile leg in leather pants and won an award for his Travolta costume.

South Tahoe’s top two varsity teams each earned a medal.

The Vikings’ quartet of Kelsey Smith, TJ Zaccor, Kira Smith and Shelby McIntyre combined to win the girls’ varsity division in 54 minutes, 59 seconds. Kelsey Smith and McIntyre led the way with their two-mile times of 13:04 and 13:15, respectively. Their focus, however, was diverted from running when coach Dan Wilvers gave a moving tribute to former cross country runner Emily Clothier, who died earlier this year in a skiing accident.

“It was so sudden. It’s hard to think she’s not here anymore,” Kelsey Smith said. “We wanted to make Emily proud, so we just gave it our all.”

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Galena was second in 55:43.

The South Tahoe boys’ team of Erich Baumann, Nick Downer, Jordan Yingling and Kyle Wilkinson placed fourth in the boys’ varsity division with their collective time of 49:12. Galena, which was led by defending state champion Bryan Tibaduiza, won in 45:16. Reno was second in 45:42 and McQueen third in 48:32.

Carson, behind Richard Shroy and Nick Schlager, won the coed division in 49:23, while Reno was second in 51:44.

South Tahoe will resume its Sierra Division dual schedule on Wednesday when it faces Carson in a three-team meet at North Valleys.

Robinson has top team at Half Moon Bay

Whittell’s cross country team competed for the second straight Saturday in the Bay Area.

Leading the way at Half Moon Bay was sophomore John Robinson, who finished eighth in a 2.3-mile sophomore boys; race at 13:37. Matt Schorr crossed the finish line in 17:01 and Rob Caliger at 17:13.

In the freshman boys’race, Zach Welch finished sixth in 14:30 and Mikey George was 10th in 14:54. Travis Hisken ran the course in 18:46.

In the varsity boys’ race, Chris Crawford overtook seven runners to tie with teammate Adam Laub at 14:05. Allen McLeod ran the 2.3 miles in 15:12 and Sean Sullivan in 17:28.

Bailey Adams (injury) was unable to compete, while Adam Kingman and Miranda Flores didn’t make the trip.

For the Whittell girls’ varsity, Beth Garcia finished 41st in 16:50, while Erica Schmidt was timed in 18:53 and Mandy Heiser in 21:18.

The Warriors will compete Friday in Winnemucca.

Friday at South Tahoe High School

Varsity boys

(4 team members each ran 2 miles)

Top four earned medals

1. Galena, 45 minutes, 16 seconds; 2. Reno, 45:42; 3. McQueen, 48:32; 4. South Tahoe (Erich Baumann, Nick Downer, Jordan Yingling and Kyle Wilkinson), 49:12; 5. Wooster, 51:31; 6. South Tahoe “B,” 52:55; 7. Reed, 53:47; 8. McQueen “B”.

Varsity girls

1. South Tahoe (Kelsey Smith, TJ Zaccor, Kira Smith and Shelby McIntyre), 54:49; 2. Galena, 55:43; 3. McQueen, 1:01:03; 4. South Tahoe “B,” 1:01:39; 5. McQueen, 1:01:48; 6. Reed, 1:02:38; 7. Reed “B”, 1:03:45; 8. Wooster.


1. Carson, 49:23; 2. Reno, 51:44; 3. Carson “B”, 51:48; 4. Douglas, 53:51; 5. Sage Ridge, 53:51; 6. Galena, 54:07; 7. Dayton, 54:14; 8. North Valleys, 55:50; 9. Spanish Springs, 56:15; 10. Douglas, 56:49; 11. Silver Stage, 57:11; 12. Reno, 58:20; 13. Damonte Ranch, 58:41.

Girls’ JV

1. Reed, 1:02:28; 2. Reno, 1:03:42; 3. South Tahoe, 1:05:54.

Boys’ JV

1. Spanish Springs, 50:02; 2. Galena, 51:09; 3. Carson, 51:16; 4. South Tahoe, 53:58.

Individual race

(top 10)

1. Andrew Jayne, Galena, 13:05; 2. Daniel Metzger, Galena, 13:09; 3. Robert McIver, Galena, 13:24; 4. Devin Galloway, Dayton, 13:36; 5. Peter Gunto, Reno, 13:58; 6. Erik Evasovic, McQueen, 14:06; 7. Victor Favero, Carson City, 14:27; 8. Justin Crespo, Reed, 14:24; 9. Kendrick Schaen, Galena, 14:29; 10. Nickoli Kallman, Douglas, 14:29.

Girls’ winner: Laura Sosa, Carson, 14:32.