STHS lift-a-thon brings in $2,000 for football program |

STHS lift-a-thon brings in $2,000 for football program

Chad Sellmer, Tribune staff writer

Dan ThriftMax Meeker, a South Tahoe High freshman, performs a squat lift during the South Tahoe Lift-a-thon recently at South Tahoe High

The South Tahoe Lift-a-Thon, a May 15 fund-raiser for the school’s football team, helped raise about $2,000 to defer the cost of a summer football camp for the Vikings.

The event included a pasta dinner, raffle, silent auction and T-shirt sale.

Mark Garratt, president of the Quarterback Club, said the second annual event was a big hit.

“In the past, this has been an opportunity for us to prepare for the Hug (weight lifting) Regional event, and we chose not to participate in that event so we could build our own program,” Garratt said. “We had over 50 kids participating (and) it was a great time. Some reached their maximum on weight doing primarily bench, squats and power cleans.”

Garratt said about 120 parents and members of the community showed up to participate in the silent auction and raffle. Prizes and lasagna for the dinner were donated by local businesses and individuals.

“Proceeds go toward tuition for the football summer camp at Sacramento State July 11-14 which all the guys are going to,” he said.

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Many Vikings football players have been participating in the year-round weight lifting program at the school, so the lift-a-thon was a natural.

“They are very regimented and goal-oriented,” Garratt said.

Head football coach Todd McIntyre said he was pleased by the turnout of both players and audience members. He said players were especially motivated to compete their maximum weight with sets of three repetitions each in the three exercise types.

“We do what we call a three-rep max, where each player does bench, squat and clean,” McIntyre said, noting that defensive end Justin McIntyre (no relation) is leading the way for the Vikings this year.

“He is as strong a kid as we have ever had here at South Tahoe,” he said. “He has done a good job in the weight room and he’s a really strong kid. This guy is benching 295 three times.”

Overall, McIntyre lifted a total of 3,015 pounds, good enough to earn him a special jacket reserved for members of the team’s 2,800-pound club. Other lower weight totals earn vests and T-shirts as a motivation technique designed to keep kids in the weight room.

McIntyre also praised the efforts of Richy Giesen (offensive lineman — 2,595 pounds), Rene Rodriguez (offensive line/defensive line), Ryan Kraw (defensive back/kicker) and Kyle Jones (linebacker/running back).

McIntyre said seeing the kids’ desire is exciting as the football season slowly approaches.

“We have just finished our fifth day of spring ball,” he said. “The guys are coming out and working hard and we have about 40 on our varsity roster. I think they can see the potential of this team. The weight room is really going to help this team and they’ll see it pay off when we get the pads on.”