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Taylor pulls off a rare women’s feat on bowling lanes

John Shott

Welcome. Sam is this week’s star. Samantha Taylor is the women’s bowler of the week at Tahoe Bowl. On Oct. 7, Taylor set the lanes on fire by firing games of 230, 210 and a personal-high 278 en route to a personal-best 718 series.

She has bowled on the Wallpaper Wizards team for the past two years and carries a 192 average.

Taylor began her bowling career as a 6-year-old in the Bantam League at Tahoe Bowl. She continued to bowl throughout her middle school years and enrolled in the Adult League two years ago.

Her commitment to the sport is obvious. She rolls between 15 to 20 games per week and is self-taught.

For topping the 700 mark, Taylor will receive her 700 series award from the United States Bowling Congress. Her 718 series is the second-highest tally recorded by a woman at Tahoe Bowl and the only 700 series recorded in the last sixt years.

Needless to say, Taylor is Shott’s women’s bowler of the week.

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The top men’s bowler of the week is Scott Spivack. Spivack bowls on the Six Balls in a Basket team in the His and Hers League and sports a 213 average. He unleashed games of 278 and 234 on his way to a 710 series.

Hence, he will receive a 700 series award from the USBC and is Shott’s men’s bowler of the week.

Special congratulations go to Michelel Dunn, who connected for a fine 211 game in the His and Hers League, and Lorna Hart, who produced a 226 game in the Guys and Dolls League.

Tune in next week for more bowling scores and news.

Ho Hum Trio (Oct. 1): Chris Korves 213, Kevin Close 223.

Seniors (Oct. 7): Larry Coffman 215, Terry Cannon 193.

His and Hers (Oct. 7): Shawn Nash 216, Arlene Hailey 234, Jessica Kelleher 204, Mike Blank 244-214-223/681, George Alm 247-225/662, Kevin Root 214, Tom Otomo 219, Marty Montano 227-246/646, Bob Bolinger 212, James Hoehn 201, Richard Brown 209-244/647, Scott Spivack 278-234/710, Michelle Dunn 211, Samantha Taylor 230-210-278/718, John Shott 221-257-235/713, Randy Von Steinmann 212-245/644, Mike Shott 214-226/609, Lenny Lopez 258-214/622, Mike Montoya 200, Tony Denunzio 221, Bobby Silvius 203-270/645, Jim Brothers 256-206/647.

Ho Hum Trio (Oct. 8): Chris Korves 226, Andrew Gregorich 242, Kevin Close 205.

Basin Bowlers (Oct. 10): Tristan Sanders 208, Jeremy Agnew 213-210/614, George Alm 236-225-257/718, Anthony Gregorich 201, Sky Rosselle 206-214, Justin Bowers 201, Mel Sharp 201, Joel Morris 205-206-219/630, Mike Hylander 223-259/681, Bobby Silvius 223-213-200.636, Jim Brothers 225-201, Scott Spivack 257/607, Daniel Jones 201, Danny Jones 201-212, Wesley Snyder 212-211, Chris Korves 223-603, Willie Campbell 207, Tyler Corey 222, Kevin Close 225.

Ho Hum Trio (Oct. 15): Chris Korves 213, Jere Petrie 234/619, Brian Stanton 204-204, Willie Campbell 228, Lorna Hart 226, Ed Gardner 227-204-246/677, Ken Burrows 256/625, Steve P. 202, Tommy Buyak 216.