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‘Tis the season for wishing

Steve Yingling, Tribune sports editor

With all of the wishing that goes on in sports, it’s unfortunate that Christmas only comes once a year.

Quarterbacks wishing they had slept more than an hour the night before throwing a game-deciding interception, general managers wishing they hadn’t traded so and so, coaches wishing they had 25 instant replays at their disposal and imprisoned running backs wishing they could have another chance to take the cocaine out of the trunk of their car before driving down the freeway.

Face it, sports is all about wishing.

We wish that we had Miguel Tejada, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez hitting back-to-back-to-back on our favorite baseball team.

We wish that Peyton Manning was the quarterback of our favorite football team.

We wish that we could draw a 265-yard 4-iron shot onto the green like Tiger Woods.

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We wish we could coach a prep soccer team like Joe Winters did this past fall.

We wish that the Yankees and Red Sox weren’t allowed to sign any free agents over the next five years.

We wish that Grant Swinney had one more year of eligibility for the South Tahoe football team.

We wish that ball fields and bike paths approved by Measure S would have been constructed as quickly as the ice rink.

We wish that the next time Mike Crawford comes back to speak at Whittell High, a football team will be in place.

We wish that each coach had the same energy and year-round dedication to their sport as Whittell volleyball coach Dan McLaughlin.

We wish that there wasn’t a California budget crisis so Lake Tahoe Community College could re-establish several sports.

We wish that when the snowpack melts in the spring at South Tahoe Middle School, a new all-weather track appears.

We wish that Travis Ramos would forget what the U.S. Ski Team did to him in 2002 and begin training for the 2006 Games.

We wish that Jonna Mendes would win her first World Cup ski race.

We wish that Travis Cabral’s next national freestyle championship comes at Heavenly.

We wish that former downhill gold medalist Bill Johnson would be invited to participate in the American Century Championship.

We wish that punters would stop pointing to the heavens after kicking the ball inside the opponent’s 5-yard line.

We wish that the next time we draft Kurt Warner in a fantasy football league that points are awarded for carrying the clipboard.

We wish that Jerod Haase will get the college basketball title that has eluded him as a player and coach.

There’s no better time of the year to do so much wishing.

Merry Christmas!

– Tribune Sports Editor Steve Yingling can be reached at (530) 542-8010 or syingling@tahoedailytribune.com