Vikes advance to semifinals |

Vikes advance to semifinals

Steve Yingling

Having soundly beaten Truckee during the regular season, the second-seeded South Tahoe High girls’ tennis team needed to guard against a letdown in its regional tennis tournament playoff match on Tuesday.

The Wolverines won four matches in the first two rounds, but South Tahoe clinched a spot in the Northern 4A regional semifinals by sweeping the final round en route to a 14-4 win.

South Tahoe also won the earlier match 14-4 but only led 4-2 after the first round Tuesday.

Truckee, making its first postseason team appearance in the 4A division, stayed competitive in the early rounds behind singles players Cami Straw, Kelsey Falkenberg and Courtney Pomeroy. Behind Falkenberg’s 6-3 victory over Rebecca Roberts and Pomeroy’s 6-4 triumph over Alyssa Mlynsky, the fourth-seeded Wolverines only trailed 4-2 after the first round.

“We are excited to be here,” said Truckee coach Jessica Putz. “After losing to them last time, the girls were trying to come back and see what they could do. Not quite there yet.”

The Vikings dominated the Wolverines in doubles, winning two opening-round doubles matches 6-0 and losing just 15 games in the nine doubles sets.

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After losing a tiebreaker to Carson in their previous match, the Vikings seemed determined to avoid a second straight upset.

“Just because you won the last time doesn’t mean you are going to win again,” said Lindsey Buchanan-Martin, who combined with Savannah Cherry to win all three of their doubles matches.

Cherry realized how serious the Wolverines were before the match even began.

“They seemed more determined, because they were out here an hour before us warming up,” Cherry said.

Cherry and Buchanan-Martin struggled with Allie Bayer and Coree Sharp in their opening match. After the Wolverine duo pulled to within 5-4 and took a 40-15 lead in the 10th game, the Vikings rallied to close out the match.

No. 1 singles player Jenny Wiseman also swept her three matches.

With the quarterfinal win the Vikings (9-2) advance to meet High Desert League champion Reno in the team semifinals at noon Thursday at Reno High School.

“On a good day, we absolutely have a shot,” said STHS coach Jenny Clark about her team’s chances of beating the Huskies. “After watching today, absolutely. They are starting to understand more of the mental side of tennis.”

In previous seasons, the Vikings and Huskies were regular playing partners. But now Reno is in the High Desert Division, leaving both teams in the dark about their semifinal match.

“In previous years they have been really strong, and we just have to be on our game and be really focused,” Buchanan-Martin said.





Singles matches

Jenny Wiseman, ST, def. Cami Straw, 6-4

Kelsey Falkenberg, T, def. Rebecca Roberts,6-3

Courtney Pomeroy, T, def. Alyssa Mlynsky, 6-4

Wiseman, ST, def. Falkenberg, 6-2

Pomeroy, T, def. Roberts, 6-0

Straw, T, def. Mlynsky, 6-4

Wiseman, ST, def. Pomeroy, 6-4

Roberts, ST, def. Straw, 6-0

Mlynsky, ST, def. Falkenberg, 6-2

Doubles matches

Savannah Cherry-Lindsey Buchanan-Martin, ST, def. Allie Bayer-Coree Sharp, 6-0

Hannah Kropf-Amanda Rives, ST, def. Shalyn Stelck-Shannon Baumann, 6-0

Guadalupe Ramirez/Mariella Penollar, ST, Haley Busby/Shanley Porter, 6-0

Cherry-Buchanan-Martin ST, def. Stelck-Baumann, 6-1

Kropf-Rives, ST, def. Busby-Porter, 6-2

Ramirez-Penollar, ST, def. Bayer-Sharp, 6-2

Cherry-Buchanan-Martin, ST, def. Busby-Porter, 6-0

Kropf-Rives, ST, def. Bayer-Sharp, 6-2

Ramirez-Penollar, ST, def. Stelck-Baumann, 6-3



At Reno

Singles matches

Mullen, R, def. Grand, 6-1

Stark, R, def. Chase, 6-1

Kushner, ST, def. Cooper, 7-5

Mullen, R, def. Chase, 6-0

Stark, R, Kushner, 6-1

Grand, ST, def. Cooper, 6-0

Varole, R, def. Marchesseault, 6-3

Grand, ST, def. Clark, 6-2

Chase, ST, def. Cooper, 6-2

Doubles matches

MacMillan-McArthur, R, def. Zager-Weber, 6-0

Nomura-Rudd, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-3

Bolorin-Tung, R, def. Marin-Jones, 6-0

MacMillan, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-0

Nomura-Rudd, R, def. Marin-Jones, 6-0

Bolorin-Tung, R, def. Zager-Weber, 6-1

Van Pelt-Baghdikian def. Kocs-Misra, 6-4

Reno team def. Zager-Weber, 6-0

Sexton-Sexton, R, def. Garofalos-Fairley, 6-1